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The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has had an immense impact on humanity, compelling us to acknowledge the interconnection between economic health, environmental health, and human health. And for the textiles and fashion industry in specific, it has brought to the fore a need to reset our priorities by taking a step back and re-imagining the world that is currently driven by unsustainable use of resources, wasteful consumption habits, value-less economic practices, and exploitation of the weaker sections of the society.

This crisis has demonstrated a sense of urgency for us to start looking at everything in this world through the lens of sustainability. We at YnFx, a market intelligence platform that has been empowering textiles companies globally for over 20 years, believe that the time has come to bring sustainability to the center of all decision making. And to enable this development, YnFx dedicated its journey and mission to foster sustainability in the textiles and fashion industry through the power of market intelligence.


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