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CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene filament and staple by Indorama Ventures joins the OR Winter Market

21 Jan , 2019

Produced in Thailand by parent company IVL, CoolVisions 70/72 dyeable polypropylene filament is Oeko-Tex certified. Options include CoolVisions Standard for light to medium dyes; and CoolVisions Dark, which achieves deeper shades with less dyestuff on dark colours. Development in a wider range of deniers and cross sections is ongoing. CoolVisions dyeable polypropylene filament is available directly from IVL or their distributor, Reamou, in Taiwan.

Swiss textile innovator HeiQ launches HeiQ XReflex

21 Jan , 2019

Humans lose about 60% of body heat through thermal radiation. In order to stay warm, insulations made out of down, synthetic or fleece are typically used in outerwear. The thicker the insulation, the less heat loss and the warmer the person. For the active person or traveller, the goal is to find the same warmth without all the bulk. The Company explains that HeiQ XReflex does just that. The innovative radiant barrier technology allows outerwear, midlayers, sleeping bags, etc. to maintain the required level of warmth while reducing bulk by as much as 50%.

Textile Instruments develops a fabric based wearable platform

21 Jan , 2019

Through its partnership with Volt, Textile Instruments has developed a fabric-based wearable platform with an ability to scale to the masses. A key aspect of the platform is the versatility of Voltís conductive smart yarns that can be custom-made with passive sensors. Using NASA sensor technology that works without electrical connections (SanSEC), Textile Instruments partnered with Volt Wearable Tech to pair SanSEC with Voltís highly conductive smart yarn to allow for application in any textile.

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