Ober S/A Industria e Comercio  
Good morning Sirs, It is a pleasure talk to you. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Walker and I work in the Ober Import Department. Ober is a big industry established at Brazil, São Paulo State. The main product that we work is the trade of non-wovens (for line automobile), but we manufacturing many kinds of products for the line textile, relating to hospital and others. We are entering in contact with you because we made a search about the big companies that sell fibers, yarns, etc. So, in the first moment, we are interested in buy Bicomponent Fiber PES 4/51 (in the colors black and white). Our consumption is about 25 ton per month. Well, we would like to know if you sell this product in specific. If yes, how much (price) per pound this stuff? what is the condition of payment? Which the quantities that you can provide us with these goods per month? Delivery time? If your conditions are within of our expectative, can you send some samples, no problem? So, we would like of this quotation, In annex we put one spreadsheet about the correct description of the product that we want. We wait for your response asap. Any doubts, contact us. Thank you very much and best regards, Visit our site: www.ober.com.br Walker Buyer Ober S/A Industria e Comercio Tel: +55 19 3466 9293

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