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Hangzhou Zhongli Chemical Fiber CO.,LTD. was established in 2002, after near 10 years\' development, has now been a large holding group company with fixed assets of USD 20 million and has facilities covering an area of over 100,000 square meters. We have been devoted to sincere business cooperation with our customers both at home and abroad. We produce more than 500 different colors in our dope dyed polyester yarn (FDY, POY, DTY, embroidery Thread). It is of high quality, high tensile strength, wide variety, competitive price, and complete color. We produce all kinds of dope-dyed polyester yarns for over 60,000 tons per year. Our annual export volume is more than USD 30 million and annual gross sales amount reaches more than USD 80 million. Product list: POY(Polyester Pre-oriented Yarn) Semi-Dull&Bright 125D/36F,165D/36F, 150D/36F,250D/36F,500D/96F,750D/144F,750D/224F,1000D/192F Black and any dope dyed colors FDY(Full Drawn Yarn) Trilobal Bright 150D/48F, 150D/72F,300D/96F,300D/144F,450D/144F, 600D/192F Black and any dope dyed colors DTY (Draw Textured Yarn) N-IM&IM, Semi-Dull&Bright 75D/36,100D/36F,150D/36F,150D/48F, 200D/96F,300D/96F,450D/144F,450D/216F, 600D/192F Black and any dope dyed colors Shaggy Carpet Yarn (Multiple FDY) Trilobal Bright 150D/2*8ply,150D/2*12ply,150D/2*16ply,150D/3*8ply,150D/3*12ply,150D/3*16ply 300D/2*8p
ly,300D/2*12ply,300D/2*16ply,300D/3*8ply,300D/3*12ply,300D/3*16ply Any dope dyed colors. Polyester Embroidery Thread Bright 150D/2,150/3,300D/2,300D/3 (260-600TPM) Raw white and any dope dyed colors

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