Dear Sirs, My name is Ewelina and I work in Jarmag’s import department. Our company specializes of trading in yarns, fibres and plastics. We co-operate with many companies at the domestic and international market. We are interested in polypropylene fibers, application: geotextiles as follows: regenerated and virgin Polypropylene fiber, solid, crimped from 4 Denier to 17 Denier, length 60 - 64mm, 75mm and 90mm. We prefer raw white fibres, type normal and also high strength with UV stabilization. I would like to ask you also about current offer for POLYESTER YARN DTY SEMI DULL RAW WHITE NON INTERMINGLED AA GRADE: DTY 75D/36F DTY 100D/36F DTY 150D/48F I will be grateful for your assistance and offer based on DDP 20-481 Lublin or EXW / FCA your stock. Please include information about packing, availability, period needed for collection or delivery, payment conditions, etc. Please include information do you sell to Poland - if yes, what is the most popular and what certificates are you able to send with goods. I am waiting for your feedback and stay at your service for any further details. Best regards, Ewelina Wegrzyn JARMAG Sp. J. tel. +48 81 7100506 (direct) fax. +48 81 7100605 email. mailto:[email protected] web site. www.jarmag.pl

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