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______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo EDGE TECHNOLOGIES “Always Ahead” Edge Technologies Serving Customers Over A Decade _ E dge Technologies – The Company Edge Technologies, has been established in the year 2001 and has been steadily growing over the years. Right from Inception our company has been focused on delivering Customized / Tailor made solutions for the Individual Clients. With a motive to conserve Energy and to avoid wastage of National Resources and to Promote Energy Savings. . Drawing upon the technical lineage, Tie Ups, the knowledge base acquired through continuous engineering expertise, Edge Technologies today has mbarked on a journey to provide complete solutions for power quality roblems under one roof. e p NLIMITED APPLICATION & ABUNDANT SCOPE FOR IMPROVEMENTS IS HE MAJOR MOTIVATORS FOR THIS MOVE. U T Our focus would be to deliver end to end solutions in the electrical domain ranging from plain reactive power compensation to complex network istribution designs to offset the harmful effects of the Now Used New Age lectrical Polluting Devices. d E ________ ______________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/ _ _
______________________________ SERVICES OFFERED Right from the date of establishment Edge Technologies Along wommitted to offer the Best in terms of Quality & Commitment: ith Its Associates is c 1) Power Quality Studies, Harmonic Analysis and Recommendations.  omplete picture of you’re load profile along with Total and Individual C Harmonics. 2) Electrical Engineering Services. 3) Project Engineering Design Consultancy. 4) lectrical Network & Equipments Routine Tests & Report submission E for Quality A ssurance requirements. mmendations. 5) Single Point Of Failure Study, Analysis & Reco of Electrical Network. 6) Thermal (IR) Scanning ) Energy Management: 7 Third P arty Engineering Study p ost project completion Integ rated Strategies Benchmarking a nd Forecasting Tariff Demand Side Mana gement Manag ement and Advice Monitoring and Targeting Fuel Switching Co‐Generation Training and ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo Capacity Building. ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo 8) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)/ Green Buildings:  tion Estimati on of Carbon Revenues and QuantificaM&V Protocols Fuel Switching Facilitate  Conversion Facilitate PIN / PDD Green Audits  9 ) Energy Management – Aided Projects (UNIDO/USAID/WORLD BANK):  Preparatio n of EOIS and RFPsd t  ology Project App roach and MethoProject Implementation Pos Implementation Evaluation 10)Projects Enes): g ineering And (Electrical Utiliti rgy Owner’s En gineering Services Enet Design stage Energy  ing and Performance  Effic iency aCommission Sustaining. 11) Production: And Waste Minimization nt W ater and Waste ManagemeResource Recovery Waste  Minimization Safety Audits.  12) Reactive Power Compensation Systems:  Plain Capacitors of International Standards  Auto Power Factor Controllers With Electromechanical and Thyristor Based switching depending on the requirement.  Detune Reactor Protected APFC Systems.  Harmonic Filters. ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo 13) Neutrax :  To Eliminate neutral Currents. 14) Power Analyzers :  Easy to Use Adhering to all the International Standards with User defined Templates . 15) Surge Suppressors: OBO BETTERMAN MAKE SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES  For Powerline ( PLC,CNC, Drives & other electrical equipment), data line, telecom for 10/350 Lightning surges & 8/20 Switching surges protection 16) Lighting Arrestors: 17) SMPS Power Supplies to PLC ACDC Adaptors. 18) ‘ESCO\' make ESE type Advanced Lightning Protection System: With all the standard approvals and test reports. Different models gives different radius of protection . 19) Security Systems : Metal Detectors, Security walkway, servielence camera, CCTV, video door phone etc. 20) Maintenance Free Earthing Electrode. 21) \'GALAXY\' make maintenance free earthing. 22) Upto 10 years totally maintenance free earthing. Lowest ohmic value. Available in 50mm dia 2/3 mtrs or 80mm dia 2/3mtrs. ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo 23) Heating Rods Details of Study Methodology: POWER QUALITY : Power Quality may be defined as –  The characteristics of the supply voltage and the electrical system that affect the performance of the load.  The characteristics of the load that affect the electrical system or other loads  Value of the Voltage and other PQ parameters as a percent of the Nominal Values. POWER QUALITY ANALYSIS : The power quality analysis provides you with an opportunity to be aware of the quality of the electrical power being utilized by your facility. Power Quality Includes  RMS Voltages ,Wave shape, Voltage Imbalance.  RMS Currents, Imbalances  Harmonics(Voltage, Current),Predominant  Load Interactions. Power Quality Analysis would involve collection of the data about the Voltage, Current, Power factor, KW, KVA, Harmonics (THD levels of individual harmonics can be registered) in a given time frame and then using the data collected to understand –  Variations in the Voltages across the three phases and computing the associated effects. ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo  Level of current unbalances existing at the different levels in your facility starting with the transformer secondary to the MCC level.  Level of the Power Factor and the associated load levels. This can also be used to compute the extent of cable losses occurring in the facility  The TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION (THD), along with finding the most Prevalent Harmonic and the extent of each individual harmonic distortion on the fundamental. The THD values can be utilized to compute the effect on the losses, mainly, eddy current & hysterisis losses. Edge Technologies possesses the skilled personnel and the state-of-the-art equipments for conducting Power Quality Analysis at any industrial/commercial facility. Please find attached along with – 1. Edge Technologies Methodology 2. Edge Technologies Power Quality Monitoring Equipment Details Based on the power quality analysis conducted at your facility, E.T personnel would analyze the data and provide it in a comprehensive report format detailing  The extent of Voltage Variations faced by your facility.  The extent of Current Unbalance in the system.  The variations and the Power Factor levels maintained in your facility and the associated losses.  The Total Harmonic Distortion in the facility – BOTH VOLTAGE & CURRENT – PHASEWISE – for the harmonics from the 2nd to the 63rd.  The current carried by the neutral conductor and the comparison with the theoretical neutral conductor current for your facility.  Real Time THREE PHASE VOLTAGE & CURRENT WAVEFORM ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo POWER QUALITY ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY The Power Quality Analysis is conducted by E.T personnel using the Power Analyzers having sampling rates – namely, 2,083 samples per cycle i.e 104150 samples per sec. The details of the summit Analyzer is attached along with. POWER QUALITY METHODOLOGY 1. The Clamp‐on CT’s with a rating of 3000 is fixed on the Bus Ducts online Or 5 Amps Ct’s are connected to the existing CT’s and are configured with the Analyzer. 2. The Voltage Clips are connected to the Bus Ducts without any shut down. 3. The Power Analyzer is connected and then the initial set of preliminary tests for load verification are conducted. 4. Once the trial run is completed, the power analyzer is connected to the LAPTOP for continuous downloading of the data. 5. The software automatically records and Logs in the Data. Note: There is no need of any Shut Down during the Study Process. Capacitor Technical Specifications: The Capacitors (Make – Power Matrix) used. a. Are capable of bearing 18% Over Voltage Continuously. b. Are made of DuroPlastic Polyurethane Material and hence is Fire Retardant in nature c. Are Completely DRY Type (A step better than the gas filled and the oil filled) ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo d. Are Class 2 Insulation, and hence does not require ANY EARTHING. maxCap – Details DESIGN o Low Loss “WETMET” Type in rectangular Aluminium/Polyurethane Self- o Extinguishing Casing. They are Self Healing “WETMET” with Lektrol/Gas o filled Vacuum Impregnated, NON-PCB, internal pressure Sensitive o Interrupter. o They are designed by assembling individual single-phase coils, coupled in o a delta arrangement to obtain a three-phase unit. o The coils are produced from two films of polypropylene with zinc plating on one side: The metal plating forms the electrode The polypropylene film forms the insulator. All coils are then coated under vacuum into self-extinguishing thermoset polyurethane resin which forms the casing, providing mechanical and electrical protections. The unique vacuum potting technique ensures that maxCap capacitors have excellent resistance over time and much longer service life than conventional units. It also ensures that no air or humidity remains close to the coils after coating. This design provides excellent resistance to over voltages and partial discharges. Furthermore, the unit complies fully with environmental protection requirements (no PCB).  ______________________________________________________________________________ Plo
t No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo  INSTALLATION The compact format simplifies installation and significantly reduces cubicle or rack costs. The casing is particularly resistant to all solvents and atmospheric agents (rain, sun, salty air, etc.). CONNECTION The terminal blocks are easily accessible on the top of the unit, making maxCap capacitors particularly easy to connect The use of socket-type terminals enables cable and eye connections to be made directly to the unit’s various ranges. maxCap capacitors are double-insulated or class 2 units, which do not need earthing. INTERNAL PROTECTION Self-healing dielectric: this is a result of the characteristics of the metal deposit which forms the electrode and the nature of the insulating support (polypropylene film). This special manufacturing technique avoids blowing the capacitor due to Over voltages. The dielectric is perforated when over voltage occurs, causing discharges which vaporize the metal around the short circuit and instantaneously restore electrical insulate. Electrical fuse: one per coil Over pressure disconnecting device: if an electrical fault cannot be overcome by the self-healing dielectric or the electrical fuse, gas is emitted, deforming a membrane and taking the defective coil out of the circuit. These three protection mechanisms, associated with the under vacuum coated coils, form a highly advanced unit DISCHARGE RESISTORS The discharge resistors enable the unit to be discharged in compliance with applicable standards. They are fitted internally and/or externally on the connection terminals. ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo  LOSS FACTOR maxCap capacitors have a loss factor of less than 0.1 x 10-3. This leads to a total wattage consumption of less than 0.3 W per kvar including the discharge resistors.  CAPACITANCE Tolerance on the capacitance value: ± 5% .The manufacturing process, which avoids any air inclusions in the coils, ensures that the capacitance remains exceptionally stable throughout the service life of the MAXCAP Capacitor. MAX. PERMISSIBLE VOLTAGE 1.18 Vn continuous (24 h/24) MAX. PERMISSIBLE CURRENT o Standard type NH : 1.5 In o HH type : 2 In INSULATION CLASS o Withstand 1 minute at 50 Hz : 6 kV o Withstand 1.2/50 μs shock wave : 25 kV STANDARDS maxCap capacitors comply with the following standards: • French standard: NF C54 108 and 109 • European standard: EN 60831-1 and 2 • International standard: IEC 60831-1 and 2 • Canadian standard: CSA 22-2 No. 190 • US standard: UL 810 • End-of-life behaviour tests passed successfully in EDF and LCIE laboratories TEMPERATURE CLASS maxCap capacitors are designed for a standard temperature rating of -40 / +55°C o maximum temperature : 55°C ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo o average over 24 hours : 45°C o annual average : 35°C o other temperature classes on request Technical Specification of APFC PANEL : APFC Panel consists of automatic banks using electromechanical switching. They comprise  Capacitor Elements  Switching Mechanism (Electromechanical)  Power Factor Relay Integrated in cabinets.  GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: o IP 315 box or cabinet o Protection of parts under power against direct contact: IP 2X o Temperature class  Operation: -10 / +45°C (average over 24 hours: 40°C)  Storage: -30 / +60°C o Ventilation: natural or forced depending on power rating o Colour: President Blue Cabinet Black base o Standards: EN 60439-1, IEC 60439-1 and 2  SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS: o Fully modular design for easy extension and maintenance o Power factor controller with simplified commissioning procedure o Extendable cabinet :  Standard for main power ratings  Optional for others o Cables enter at the bottom (at the top on request)  ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS ______________________________________________________________________________ Plo
t No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo o Insulation class: 0.66 kV (tested at 2.5 kV, 50 Hz for one minute) o Built-in power supply for auxiliary circuits o Built-in connection terminal block for brown-out contact (generator unit, etc.) o Possible remote alarm output  OPTIONS o Protection circuit breaker o fixed step o Adder-type current transformer  CONNECTIONS Allow for: o Power cables as specified o Current transformer to be located on phase L1 of the facility, upline from all receivers and the capacitor bank. o Primary: rating depending on installation o Secondary: 5 A (1 A on request) o Power: 10 VA (recommended) – class 1 o Note: this transformer can be supplied separately on request. ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo NEUTREX: For protection of sensitive loads viz. electronics equipments, personal computers, servers and electronics lighting loads. Features: ISOLATES SENSITIVE ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENTS FROM SOURCE NETWORK NOISE SIGNALS & POWER LINE DISTURBANCES ELIMINATES ZERO SEQUENCE NEUTRAL CURRENTS & CIRCULATING GROUNDCURRENT; AND SAVES SENSITIVE EQUIPMENTS FROM PREMATURE FAILURE REDUCES HARMONICS & REACTIVE POWER LOADING IMPROVES TRUE PF INCREASES SOURCE EFFICIENCY ELIMINATES – EMI / RFI ______________________________________________________________________________ Plot No 38,Flat No 203,Pleasant Park Apartments ,Shanti NagarColony,Hyderabad 500028.Ph:04069997727/,Email
:suppo WHY NEUTREX?  Harmonic Currents are caused by virtually any appliance or machine in a building (except resistive loads) & have various negative implications for electric utility companies and consumers.  The worst harmonic source turned out to be the personal computer and electronics equipments with a THD varying from 25% to almost 89% and a crest factor of 3.89 to 4.00. While the Displacement P.F. indicated a healthy 0.85, the total True PF figured out to be only 0.43 to 0.70.  They can interfere with other electronic and signaling equipment (mains pollution) and cause premature failure.  Skin effect can cause overheating and efficiency losses.  Eddy current losses also cause overheating & efficiency losses.  Excessive harmonic currents in neutral conductor cause dangerous hazards since neutrals are not always protected by circuit breakers.  Communication Interface: Magnetic coupling, between electrical power circuit and communication circuits can cause what is known as Communication Interface in other words the RFI/EMI; current flowing in the power circuit produces a magnetic/ electrostatic field that will induce a current/ voltage in the nearby conductors of the communication circuit. The amount of interference will depend upon the magnitude of the induced current/voltage, frequency, and the efficiency of the magnetic/ electrostatic coupling. Other types of communication interfaces are.  Induced line noise.  Interference with power line carrier systems.

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