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Coeval Textiles Ltd  
MAKSONS GROUP management would like to take this opportunity to introduce COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED (CTL) to the Corporate World. COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED is a knitting and garments unit which is linked with MAKSONS GROUP since 2006. It is a 100% export oriented knit and garments unit which has been set up for manufacturing all types of knit and garment items aiming to produce good quality products for the international market. COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED is a Private Limited Company established to add more value to the overall portfolio of MAKSONS GROUP. This business unit manufactures knit and garment items as per orders from buyers located in different locations in home and abroad aiming to fulfill the increasing demand in the international market offering competitive price, provided specified time for shipment, in the highly competitive international market scenario. The company management along with the operational team in the factory premises, located in Barenda Kashimpur at Gazipur, makes sure that the manufactured knit and garment products are for its mainstream importers or buyers are of good and high quality, keeping up with the international market standard as per required specification and needs. We aspire to cooperate with potential buyers through meeting their expectations for knit and garment products presenting good quality and thus exporting in scheduled time offering competitive price from Bangladesh. Quality is Our Prime Concern COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED has worked with and still maintaining good working relation with the buyers for exporting their good quality knit and garment products, for the past three years. On the other hand, COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED works through MAK FASHION LIMITED as well, another MAKSONS GROUP concern, for a good number of fixed buyers through which quality product delivery is assured. Since quality is the first concern for the company overall, alongside with goodwill of the group, to this end the company has sourced branded machines from different places aiming to produce quality products keeping up with the expectations of different level of buyers. Ownership & Management COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED is a group concern of MAKSONS GROUP. The management committee for this company is not different, for this reason however the market reputation for COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED is high and with latest additions every quarter itís rising. Through COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED the management has diversified its scope of business. As being a knit and garments manufacturing business unit has earned a good amount of goodwill in this growing sector in Bangladesh. All the regular affairs of the company are run by its Management Team comprising of the representatives from the group respectively. Currently the following persons are in the Management Team of the Company. ORGANOGRAM CTL Will be included here.... OBJECTIVE OF THE COMPANY The primary objective of COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED is to manufacture and to export high quality knit and garment products in the international market to potential buyers offering competitive price from Bangladesh, aiming for the best interest of the company, group and country as a whole. As well to target and export to giant importers or buyers of knit and garment items that are well reputed in the international market for their standard and high quality product purchase. Our Membership BGMEA BKMEA WRAP ISO Certificate Oeko-Tex BSCI certificate Our Uniqueness Being a quality oriented manufacturing unit, we lay massive emphasis on the quality of our knitted and garment items. Our manufactured products are known for their quality and design. We ensure that the fabric is used are of finest quality before input. A lot of emphasis is laid on the designs, color choice and strength of the garments over all. To us style is as important as quality. All our products are subject to in-house scrutiny, several times before taken into production floor. The inspection begins from the receiving of raw materials. The raw materials for COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED are usually imported. The raw materials before input are checked thoroughly by the experts to determine the parity between their quality standards and ours. Once cleared, the raw materials are processed for manufacturing. The manufacturing process is a very cautiously conducted since it directly effects the quality of the product/ item manufactured or produced. The process is divided into several halves for the purpose of better monitoring. The products matching the quality criteria in a given stage of development graduate to the succeeding stage. Thus we ensure minimization in possibility of lapses in quality surveillance process. Our fabrics are made to high quality standards with proper dimensional stability, color fastness, shrinkage control and uniform dyeing. Each product is subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best in terms of quality and design reaches the market. Knitting COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED knitting section is well equipped with brand new and latest knitting machineries that has been imported from various countries like Taiwan, Italy, U.S.A, India, Germany, Spain, Japan and China. COEVAL TEXTILES LIMITED has the following machineries set up in its factory premises for its knitting unit since 2006. In this knitting unit there exists the whole range of Single jersey, double jersey, pique, Lacoste, Interlock, Eight lock designs, Rib, Pleated design rib, French terry, Fleece, Collar and cuff made of cellulose, semi cellulose and synthetic yarn manufacturing facilities. Producing functional and technical fabrics for sportswear with separation design by using cotton and synthetic yarn. Fabric inspection machines to inspect the fabric quality before being considered for further processing. Our Product Range Our product range includes apparels for both men and women for all ages and all sizes. The categories are listed below: T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top Trousers & Shorts

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