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Rajvir Industries  
We are mfrs and exporters of various kinds of yarns.We are manufacturers of conventional cotton, compact cotton and value added yarns .We request you to go through the below updated profile and revert back with your valuable requirements to enable us to offer our prices and conclude some business. Our updated introductory e-mail is given below. Also our updated product range is attached for your ready reference. Pls. forward your requirements accordingly. Rajvir Industries Limited a 125,000 spindle enterprise, located in Andhra Pradesh , India , comprises of five yarn manufacturing facilities and a Dyeing Division to support its production facilities. we are one of the leading suppliers of value added yarns from India and your complete one stop shop for all types of specialty yarns. Conventional Cotton yarns: We make conventional cotton combed/Carded yarns from Ne-20’s to Ne-36’s. Super Speciality Yarns We have successfully ventured into Super Specialty blends with the world’s richest fibres and animal hairs such as Silk, Marino wool, Cashmere, Angora and Linen with blends of Micro Modal,Modal, Viscose and Cotton (Indian,American,Egyptian).We are producing the above speciality yarns for various client’s at different country’s world wide & for the Indian markets as well . Rajvir goes green Rajvir is a proud and dedicated yarn producer with organic production in ring spun /compact blended varieties. We offer carded and combed organic yarn from Ne 10s to Ne 30s in ring spun route and 40s to 60s in compact route with Rieter com4 technology. Besides being a large vendor of popular chain stores such as Wal-Mart, GAP, Next, C&A and several other brands world wide, Rajvir is certified for over 100 different blends of Organic production including Organic cotton with M�lange, Organic M�lange/Heather (blend , shades, counts of your choice), Organic cotton with Re-cycled Polyester ( we are now certified Global Re-cycled standard partners of Control Union), Organic cotton with normal Polyester, Organic cotton with Viscose and have a capability to make Organic cotton with Silk, Wool, Linen, Cashmere and Angora. Even our Dye House is certified to manufacture organic cheese dyed yarn and we have a complete range of vessels starting from 20 kilo to 1000 kilos(20 kilos,100 kilos,200 kilos, 300 kilos,500 kilos,1000 kilos).Other than organic cotton yarns we can offer Indian Cotton, Pima Cotton, Giza Cotton with blends of Micro Modal. Modal, Viscose, Acrylic, Nylon, Re-cycled polyester etc….. Compact Yarns We have a fully automatic compact yarn division with autodoffing and linkconers which specialises in the production of organic cotton compact and Fair Trade Organic compact yarns, apart from fine count cotton yarn (Ne-40/1 to Ne-60/1) produced from Indian, Egyptian as well as American cottons. This compact division also produces superior value added yarns in fine counts such as cotton/modal as well as 100% micro modal for superior shirting manufacturers Worldwide. Synthetic Yarns Rajvir Deploys Synthetic spun systems to spin man made fibres of different cut lengths, deniers in both raw white, dyed and m�lange routes in count ranging from (30’s to 60’s) .(100% Viscose Melange/Heather , Modal Melange/Heather & Raw White , Micromodal Melange /Heather Raw white ,100% Polyester Melange /Heather ) FR Yarns A variety of technical textile products are manufactured by us particularly for Flame Retardant applications for Armys, Navys and Airforces world wide and for work wear which are designed for use in refineries, steel smelters and surroundings which are prone to fire and danger. The use of such high technological fibres at Rajvir, puts us ahead of other manufacturers in India in technical textiles . we offer a wide variety of Flame retardant products from the house of kaneka including : Protex M / Protext C with cotton (Pima / Giza ) and antistatic as per your blend requirement ,SYS &PW .. Other Products ranging from Kermel with anti-static , Kermel with Len zing Flame Retardant viscose and anti-static & Aramid fibers from China with anti-static are also produced at Rajvir both In Raw white /Dope Dyed /Heather

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