Our company is established in 1979, with an area of 46,600 square meters. We have fixed assets of about RMB1.2 billion. After 30 years of self-accumulation and self-development, our company now have over 500 excellent staff, and our sales volume is about RMB150,000,000. Now YOUYI GROUP has the subsidiary company of ZHEJIANG WANJIALI TEXTILE CO.LTD, ZHEJIANG ZHENHAI IMP.& EXP. C.,LTD and ZHEJIANG DEERLI SPORTING CO.,LTD. Our group is becoming big and big. We specialize in design, exploiting, manufacture and sales of various kinds of woved and knitted fabrics. Woved fabrics have printed or dyed cotton voile fabric, printed or dyed rayon fabric, T/C dyed or printed fabric, cotton spandex fabric, rayon spandex fabric, etcs. Knitted fabric have rayon/spandex jersey fabric, poly/spandex jersey fabric, 100% cotton jersey fabric, 100% polyester jersey fabric, T/R jersey fabric, polar fleece fabric, etcs. Every year we ship goods worth about USD100,000,000. Our products adopt international standard manufacture, and are exported all over the world. We believe in a principle of \"Honesty is the base of our enterprise, Excellent quality is our pursuing power\". We provide our customers with the best quality products, excellent service, competitive price and prompt delivery forever. We sincerely welcome domestic and overseas customers to contact us for a long-time cooperation. It\'s our pleasure to establish a good business relationship with you to make mutual benefits.

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