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K.B. ENTERPRISES MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS OF TEXTILE WOVEN FABRICS & MADE-UPS DEAR SIR, WE ARE MANUFACTURER AND WELL REPUTED ORGANIZATION AMONG THE MOST MODERN LEADING GROUP OF TEXTILE IN PAKISTAN, TO MANUFATURE AND EXPORT QUALITY TEXTILE PRODUCTS. WE HAVE 34 YEARS AND 2ND GENERATION EXPERIENCE. WE HAVE OUR OWN SPINNING AND COMPLETE SETUP OF WEAVING CONSISTING OF 24000 SPINDLE, 818-DROPPER (GOOD POWER MACHINES), 412-AUTO, 213-SULZER (SHUTTLESS) HAVING PLAIN AND DOBBY MACHINES AND 86 SINGLE NEEDLE STITCHING MACHINES. THE COMPANY HAS WORLD-WIDE REPUTATION FOR MANUFACTURING HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT MEET THE WORLD'S STANDARDS. OUR MAIN PRODUCTS IN FABRICS: SHEETING, MUSLINS, PERCALE, FLANNEL, HERRINGBONE, DUCK, TWILL, DRILL, SATIN-PLAIN/STRIPE (WARP, WEFT AND DIGGONAL STRIPE), AND BOX, JACQUARD, UZBEKS, SHOE DUCK, BIRD'S EYE AND BROAD CLOTH IN GREY, BLEACHED, DYED (DIRECT DISPERSE, REACTIVE DISPERSE & VAT) & PRINTED FABRICS IN 100% COTTON, POLY COTTON, POLY COTTON-DENIER & CVC AS PER CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS FROM 36" TO 142" GREY WIDTH AND 130” FINISHED WIDTH FROM LOW TO HIGH END ARTICLES. FOR YOUR CONCENTRATION OUR SOME RUNNING ARTICLES. 100% COTTON & POLY COTTON FABRICS 100% COTTON, PERCALE, 40X40 130X70 118” P/C (52:48) 24X24 68X62 72” 98” 114” 100% COTTON, WP.S. SATIN, 40X40 148X92 63” P/C (52:48) SATIN, 30/2X24/2 78X64 134” 100% COTTON, SATIN, 40X40 190X90 118” P/C (80:20) 38X38 115X72 102” 106” 100% COTTON, 20X20 60X60 38” 63” 75” 114” P/C (52:48) 38X38 110X76 98” 100% COTTON, 16X16 60X60 63” 67” 73” P/C (52:48) BOC SATIN 30X30 96X76 115” 100% COTTON, SATIN, 30/2X24/2 76X64 134” P/C (52:48) 30X30 76X68 67” 75” 98” 124” 100% COTTON, 3/1 20X16 128X60 120” P/C (52:48) 30X30 76X54 98” 102” 114” 100% COTTON, DUCK 16X10 84X28 34” P/C (NON RATIO) 35X35 76X52 66” 90” 98” 112” 100% COTTON, SATIN 40X40 130X84 124” P/C (80:20) 38X38 76X48 36” TO 112” 100% COTTON, FL, 20X10 40X36 122” P/C (80:20) 36X36 96X72 98” 106” 100% COTTON, FL, 22X12 40X44 105” P/C (52:48) 24X24 76X64 72” 114” 100% COTTON, SATIN 80X80 203X145 116” 122” P/C (65:35) SATIN 24X16 122X48 118” 100% COTTON, SATIN 40X40 190X190 118” P/C (52:48) 22X16 76X64 67” 100% COTTON, DUCK, 12X10 76X28 46” P/C (52:48) 36X36 96X60 106” 100% COTTON 50X50 140X80 63” P/C (65:35) 45X45 84x62 63” TEXTURIZED FABRICS POLY COTTON-DENIER, 35X150 76X44, 48, 52 & 56 36” TO 112” POLY COTTON-DENIER, 25X150 76X44, 48, 52 & 56 36” TO 112” POLY COTTON-DENIER, HERRINGBONE 30X150 82X64 63" POLY COTTON-DENIER, 30X300 76X44 54", 72" & 98" OUR MAIN PRODUCTS IN MADE-UPS: BED SHEET SETS, QUILT COVER SET, FITTED SHEETS, VALANCE SHEET, COTTON BAGS, COTTON ON APRONS, DUVET COVERS AND BNB AND EVERY KIND OF TOWELS. OUR MARKET: WE ARE ALREADY EXPORTING OUR PRODUCT’S TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS IN SOUTH AFRICA, AMERICA, EGYPT, FRANCE, CANADA, U.K., BELGIUM, ITALY, SPAIN, GERMANY, TURKEY, RUSSIA, KSA, COLOMBIA, GUATEMALA, JORDAN, NEW ZEALAND, UKRAINE AND PHILIPPINES. QUALITY CERTIFICATE’S: WE ARE OEKO-TEX CLASS 100 AND ISO 9001: 2000 CERTIFIED COMPANY AND STRONGLY MAINTAINED OUR QUALITY STANDARD THAT MEETS WORLD STANDARD. NEVER COMPROMISE ON QUALITY OUR VISION IS SINCERITY: OUR MAJOR CONSIDERATION IS COMPLETE SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS. WE BELIEVE IN LONG TERMS AND REPEATED BUSINESS ASSOCIATION RATHER THAN SHORT-TERM DEALING.BLIND TRUST FOR OUR VALUED CUSTOMER IS ALSO OUR CONCERN, FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE: www.kbenterprises.com.pk WAITING YOUR VALUED COMMENTS. KIND’S REGARD'S FOR, K.B. ENTERPRISES SALMAN SHAH DIRECTOR KARACHI OFFICE EGYPT OFFICE P-237, HASSAN ARCADE, YARN MARKET, MONTGOMERY BAZAR, FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN. Tel: +92 (41) 2638226, 2635904, 2628113 Fax: +92 (41) 2642127 Email: salman@kbenterprises.com.pk skype: salman.shah37 Web: www.kbenterprises.com.pk 4 GAMAL EL DIN EBN WASAL NASR CITY 11371 CAIRO EGYPT TEL: +20 (2) 4037278 FAX: +20 (2) 4035930 K.B. UNIT’S Mills: FAIRDEAL WEAVING MILLS (PVT.) LIMITED (Sulzer Loom Unit) 19-K.M. Sheikhopore Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Tel: +92 (41) 4361714, 4362730, 4362648 Fax: +92 (41) 4362648 Mills: GOHAR WEAVING (Sulzer Loom Unit) 13-K.M. Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan Tel:+92 (41) 2021315 Fax: +92 (41) 8541851 Mills: ALI-JUNAID WEAVING (Power Looms Unit) 13-K.M. Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan Tel:+92 (41) 2021315 Fax: +92 (41) 8541851 Mills: MKB SPINNING MILLS (PVT.) LTD. (Spinning Unit) 6th-K.M. Khurrianwala, Jaranwala Road, Pakistan. Tel: +92 (41) 8724305 Fax: +92 (41) 4362648 +92-41-8729491 Mills: K.B. WEAVING INDUSTRIES (Auto Loom Unit) P-17 Malik Street, Raja Park, Samanabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Tel: +92 (41) 2665719, 2666754 Mills: K.B. WEAVING INDUSTRIES (Dropper Loom Unit) P-15 Malik Street, Raja Park, Samanabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Tel: +92 (41) 2667222, 2661799 Mills: K.B. SIZING INDUSTRY (Sizing Unit) Near Tezab Mills, Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Tel: +92 (41) 8531261, 8532538 Godown: K.B. GODOWN (Ware House) Near Tezab Mills, Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Tel: +92 (41) 8711959, 8531257 Best Regards , salman shah salman@kbenterpeises.com.pk Tel: 92 321 9654305 Fax :41 26421227 Office: 41 2638226

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