Pentagon International  
Pentagon International’s safety & security window film products have been installed in many of the world’s most prestigious landmark buildings and sea going vessels. From our extensive work in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia and Europe our products are internationally certified and tested to the highest standard to ensure maximum peace of mind. Bridge and accommodation glass safety and security, remain a cause for concern with vessels owners and managers. Well not anymore, we can assure safety and security of glass on sea going vessels, on high seas using our products. The security film can hold the integrity of glass in the event of an attack using hand held fire arms, bombs or shrapnel to penetrate glass. Some of our clients include, Shell oil tankers. Maersk tankers and vessels, NYK tankers and cargo vessels and Topaz Marine fleet BULLET RESISTANCE AND BOMB BLAST PROTECTION OF GLASS: Our signature products, a thick, optically clear composite backing film fixed on to your existing glass fitted to the inside of windows, reinforcing glass and shielding against hand held firearm ammunition and bomb blasts. It has been successfully tested to withstand and pass (at tests conducted to high stringent standards in the UK at the Ordinance Test Solutions) attacks using AK47 assault rifle ammunition at normal attack angle; Projectile weight – 8.11g ; Charge weight – 2.16g ; Velocity – 695m/s to obtain a pass rating. This product used with our Edge Retention systems further ensure glass safety in the event of a blast and have been fully tested to absorb blast impact of 100kgs TNT at 32 meters. Commercial vessel owners, managers, and corporations everywhere are discovering the safety and money and life saving benefits of our safety & security window film. Our window film helps hold glass in place upon impact, offering your business 24-hour glazing protection against intruders, accidental breakage, bomb blasts, hand held fire arms attack by pirates, hurricanes and terrorists. This resilient security film improves window safety for sea going vessels at all times worldwide. No matter what type of vessel – your bridge glass and windows pose the biggest threat to your safety. Anything from a accidental breakage to a Pirate Attack can subject your crew and business to millions of dollars in losses to people and property or worse. That’s why so many vessel and business owners rely on the protection provided by Pentagon International’s security window films. Using this product is the quickest alternative to expensive replacement of your current glass on vessels to armored glass and can be done while vessel is berthed close to shore and operational. With expertise working globally for many of our clients, Shell oil tankers. Maersk tankers and vessels, NYK tankers and cargo vessels and Topaz Marine fleet most recently and others, (airports, government, iconic buildings, multinational companies, high end retailers, VIP premises, consulate and embassies, metro stations, hotels) we can assure you of prompt response and on time project delivery. Our warranty covers TEN years of hassle free performance on commercial flat glass in buildings. Call us or contact us for further details on how we can be of service to you. We shall be glad to hear from you.

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