kayavlon impex pvt.ltd.  
We Kayavlon Impex introduce ourselves as one of the leading indenters of yarn in India. We are having our financial office in Singapore as well. Our company deals in wide range of yarn and yarn products and bears an excellent rapport with valued multinational and international clients. The company bears a very strong network of suppliers spread all over South East Asia in country like India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, China, Australia and Thailand. In order to meet different requirements of our esteemed clients. PET CHIPS BOTTLE GRADE: IV 80 PET PRE FORMS IV 83 PET FOR HOT FILLING IV 85 CARBONATED DRINKS PET CHIPS FIBRE GARDE SEMIDULL PET CHIPS SUPER BRT PET CHIPS FULL DULL PET CHIPS SEMI BRT We guarantee quality product,timely execution,prompt feedback and our services meet global standards. We wish to get associated with your organization and provide our services to you. For more information about our company please visit our website: www.kayavlon.com

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