Founded in April of 2003, with registered capital of RMB260.00 million, SINOSELEN HI-TECH CO., LTD. is known as a national grade high-tech enterprise being integrated with R&D, production and marketing. Sticking to the principle of Collecting Wealth By Personality, Booming Business Through Technology, Innovating For Power, Gentleness And Credit Reaching Afar, it mainly engages in R&D,production and sales of high performance, high-tech and functional fiber. Main products: ◆Novelty functional synthetic yarn series: CONTEX(ST100)bicomponent elastic yarn LOMTEX low melting point heat bondable fiber SELEN  bicomponent electric conducting yarn SELEN  polyester islands-in-sea microdenier yarn SELEN  aromatic yarn SELEN  antimosquito yarn SELEN  antimicrobial yarn SELEN  easily hydrolyzed yarn ◆Heat resistant, high tenacity, high modulus and high performance fiber series: PPSFIB PPS fiber series PITEX polyimide fiber series AMDTEXⅡ aramid Ⅱ fiber AMDTEXⅢ aramid Ⅲ fiber PBOFIB PBO fiber PEEKTEX PEEK fiber. TLCPTEX thermal liquid crystalline polyarylate fiber ◆Project contract: Bicomponent yarn plant (flexible and differential) Bicomponent staple fiber plant Cellulose acetate fiber plant Microfiber high imitation artificial leather plant Polypropylene turf yarn plant project ◆Other bicomponent microfiber, functional fiber and specialized fiber ◆Functional master batch and chips The company consists of headquarter operation center, R&D center, engineering department, technical center and Suzhou branch (high performance fiber department)

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