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We are a professional producer and exporter of PVC tarpaulin, PVC artificial leather (vinyl fabric), PVC sponge leather, PU leather, PVC sheet, TPU sheet, PE tarpaulin etc. PVC tarpaulin Widely used for tents, truck covers, boat covers, advertising printing, banner, light box, bags, swimming pool, rain coat, umbrella, furniture, sports equipment, vent -pipe etc. pvc artificial leather ( vinyl) use for shoes Vamp, lining, sofa, furniture, cover seats, car upholstery, balls, machine covers, bags etc. PVC sponge leather use for tool bags, shoes,cushion. PU leather use for bags, sofa, furniture, covers, car upholstery etc. PVC sheet (PVC film), TPU sheet(TPU film) use for water bags, oil bags, bags, inflatable products, apron, rain coat etc. PE tarpaulin use for making tents, bags, truck covers. Our products have been widely export to many countries such as America, Canada, South America, Brazil, Bolivia, Middle east Pakistan, Syria, Europe Belgium, German, Bulgaria, Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya. Asia and others countries and areas. Welcome to be our users and distributors world round.

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