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“We Saanika Industries Pvt. Ltd. take this opportunity to introduce you ourselves as a leading Manufacturer Exporter, providing high quality POLYESTER DRAW TEXTURED YARN that is extensively used in textile industry. We have been in the export market for many years now and are exporting to more than 120 countries around the world. We are using the best quality raw material that imparts desirable durability and strength to the yarns. We are an Oeko-Tex Certified MANUFACTURER EXPORTER. As well as we are “GOVT. REC. STAR EXPORT HOUSE” and ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. Saanika is a group of highly educated, and textile experienced professionals who are competent and hard working on production quality, price, shipment accomplishment, sharing changing market and price trends with our esteemed buyers. Our team is well versed with modern business trends, production, communications and transportation practices. We as team as well as each individual member in its given capacity is motivated to serve our esteemed buyers on the top international standards Our main markets are UK, Argentina, Vietnam, Algeria, Nigeria, Korea, Ethiopia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco, Egypt, Poland, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Bolivia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Uruguay, U.S.A, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco etc. At Saanika, we also have a new production plant of Polyester DTY coming up in August’13 of further 18 machines which would increase the production capacity and capability to a much higher level. We have created a niche for ourselves as a reputed manufacturer of top quality Polyester Draw Texturized Yarn (P-DTY). We are a “One Stop Shop” for our customers in India and abroad. The Group has been growing at a rapid pace since its inception in 1995. Please note our product range in the PDTY line for your reference: S/N DENIER QUALITY RANGE IN RAW WHITE (RW) 1 75/34 NIM 2 75/34 SIM 3 75/34 HIM 4 75/48 NIM 5 75/48 SIM 6 75/48 HIM 7 75/72 SIM 8 75/72 HIM 9 75/108 SIM 10 75/108 HIM 11 75/144 SIM 12 75/144 HIM 13 100/34 NIM 14 100/34 SIM 15 100/34 HIM 16 100/108 SIM 17 100/144 SIM 18 100/144 HIM 19 150/48 NIM 20 150/48 SIM 21 150/48 HIM 22 150/48/2 HIM 23 150/108 SIM 24 150/34 NIM 25 300/72 NIM 26 300/96 NIM 27 300/96 SIM 28 300/96 HIM RANGE IN DOPE DYED BLACK (DDB) 29 150/48 NIM 30 75/36 NIM 31 150/48/2 HIM 32 100/34 NIM 33 300/96 NIM 34 300/96 HIM OUR STANDARD PACKING DETAILS ARE: 1 CONE = 5.250 KG 1 CARTON = 6 CONES [6 X 5.250 KG = 31.500 KGS] 1 X 40 CONTAINER = 765 CARTONS [765 X 31.500 KGS = 24097.500 KG] 1X20’ CONTAINER = 320 CARTONS [320 X 31.500 KGS = 10080.00 KG] PAYMENT:- L/C AT SIGHT -- OR -- T/T [30 + 70] SHIPMENT:- IMMEDIATE ON RECEIPT OF L/C OR ADVANCE PAYMENT We can provide all your requirements at the best reasonable price for the finest quality manufactured by us.

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