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ACME INTERNATIONAL Buying, Sourcing & Inspection Company Respected Sir / Madam, Acme International is a well establish (Buying, Sourcing & Inspection Co.) of Home Textile Products & Ready Made Garments (Apparel) from Karachi, Pakistan. We source the product from our customer around the world, particularly in USA, European Union, Far East, Scandinavian Countries & Middle East with the entire satisfaction of our valued customer. We also have alliance with some reputable customers around the world. Now, we offered you the sourcing facility of the Home Textile Products & Read Made Garments (Apparel) from the platform of Acme International who fulfilling the customer desires as per his needs. Our Products: Home Textile (Terry): 1- Terry Towels (Bath, Beach, Face, Fancy, Velour, Hooded, Kitchen, Wash, Tea etc.) 2- Bath Robes (Kimono, Shawl Collar, Hooded, Waffle etc.) 3- Bath Mats. 4- Shower wraps. 5- Institutional Product. 6- Slippers. 7- Gloves + Pot Holder, Oven Mitt + Pocket Mitt. 8- Fitted Sheets. 9- Terry Fabrics Etc. Home Textile (Bedding & Etc): 1- Knitted Jersey/Terry fitted sheets 2- Jersey printed quilt cover sets (bed sets) in 100% cotton 3- Flat sheet 4- Pillow Covers 5- Napkin 6- Table Cover 7- Yellow Duster 8- Aprons etc. TEXTILE FABRIC: 1- Grey 2- Bleached & Dyed 3- Percale 4- Poplin 5- Satin 6- Twill 7- Flannel 8- Denim 9- Duck Fabric 10- Canvas Fabric etc. Ready Made Garments : 1- Polo Shirts 2- Basic / Hooded Sweat Shirts 3- T-Shirts 4- Henley Shirts 5- Crew 6- V-Neck 7- Rompers 8- Boxer Shorts 9- Cycle Shorts 10- Jogging Suits 11- Overalls 12-Pyjama Suit 13-Night Gown 14-Cargo Pants 15-Denim (Top / Bottom) Etc. Yarn : Ring Spun Yarns Open End Yarns Core Spun Yarns Zero Twist Yarns Multi Count/ Multi Twist/ Slub Yarns Siro Yarns Sewing Thread Yarn Compact Com4 Yarns Cotton: Fibers: Pakistani Bamboo US Modal Supima Tencel Giza Coolmax Brazilian Polyester African Viscose Organic Linen Count Details Carded Yarn Combed Yarn 2 Ply Yarn. 5/1 Carded 10/1 Combed 8/2 Carded & Combed 6/1 Carded 12/1 Combed 10/2 Carded & Combed 7/1 Carded 16/1 Combed 12/2 Carded & Combed 8/1 Carded 20/1 Combed 16/2 Carded & Combed 10/1 Carded 30/1 Combed 20/2 Carded & Combed 12/1 Carded 40/1 Combed 24/2 Carded & Combed 16/1 Carded 50/1 Combed 30/2 Carded & Combed 20/1 Carded 60/1 Combed 40/2 Combed 30/1 Carded 70/1 Combed 50/2 Combed 32/1 Carded 60/2 Combed So I would like to offer you the above-mentioned goods from the platform of Acme International and given you the assurance to provide you the Best Quality Product, Timely Deliveries, Competitive Price etc. Looking forward to hear you soon. Thanks & Regards Acme International (Buying, Sourcing & Inspection Co.) Syed A. Karim (Mr.) Add: Plot # A-684, Sec. 11/B, North Karachi, Karachi 75850, Pakistan. Tel: + 92 306 2048438 Fax: + 92 21 36160101 Email: [email protected] URL: Skype: acme.intl

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