R.K.GROUP OF INDUSTRIES,has been in the field of seafood since 40 years and still it is exporting it\'s products worldwide giving better satisfaction to its consumers. R.K. GROUP is consist of 5 Compapanies:- 1.RATNA SURIMI:- Newly equiped with latest technological machines purchased from JAPAN(BIBUN Corp.).It mainly produces ITOYORI,ESO,TACHIUO and MIXED SURIMI in the form of blocks. 2.KING FISH INDUSTRIES:-Mainly deals with the EUROPE MARKET ,producing its product for basic customer in the form of IQF,SEMI-IQF and block packing. 3. R.K:-Mainly deals with the NON- EUROPE MARKET ,producing its product for basic customer in the form of block packing. 4.R.K. UNIT II/:-Deals with IQF PRODUCTS. 5.MARUTI FROZEN FOODS:-Deals with the VALUE ADDED PRODUCTS. We believe in best quality at reasonable price to our potential customer as we have our motto to be admired wherever we export our product in the market.We can supply you each of the commodity in 1 day 1 container specially Surimi.We owe 100 fishing boats personally and 150 fishing boats of suppliers. We Have MOTTO-Customer Satisfaction and apprection is the life and health of bussiness. If you are willing to have bussiness with me then please reply me as i want to be your regular supplier of surimi. BEST RGDS. RAHIL j.K. RATNA SURIMI ADDRESS:-Bara road Mangrol,district:-Junagadh Gujrat INDIA. E-MAIL:-rkics_007@rediffmail.com SKYPE:-rahil.khetalpar FAX:- 02878 222458 WEB:-www.rkgroupofcompanies.com

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Morro Capital acquires apparel brand Jocko  
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