Ningbo Suita Filter Material Co.,Ltd  
Since 1984, We Suita People is dedicated in providing all kinds of filter cloth, needle felt and screen mesh ,filter bag, air filter,filter cartridge for all kinds of industry, now we establish Ningbo Suita Filter Material CO.,Ltd as the headquater towards the world market.Through more than twenty five years of experiences , we Suita have gain knowledge on reducing production and manufacture cost thus making our products competitive in both quality and price. We are specialized in manufacuturing and distribution of all kinds of filter fabri for both OEM and the end user. We are the biggest manufacturer of filter material in China Suita is a member unit of the Sack-Style Dust-Removing Committee of China\'s Environmental Protection Association, and a permanent one of Zhejiang Industrial Fabric Association. For the past years it has been evaluated as a \"Contract-Abiding and Credit-Keeping Enterprise\", and awarded certificate of ISO9001.In 2007, we gain the Certification of the Top Famous Brand. Suita have become the famous brand both in China and worldwide in the field of filtration. Our industrial fabrics are well-known to the whole world for their competitive prices, good quality and fine workmanship. Our main products are as following: 1. Filter Mesh/ Bolting Cloth Nylon monofilament mesh for filter bags, Polyester monofilament screen printing, Nylon flour mesh for flour milling, Stainless and copper mesh for filtering, Rotary mesh for printing machines. 2. Filter Cloth Weave monofilament/multifilament filter cloth on PE, PP and Nylon /PA material 3.Filter bag Filter bags for dry / wet filtration: Dust-collecting Bag/Liquid Filter Bag/Filter Press/Air Filter Bag/Diaphragm Bag/Panel Filter/Pocket Filter bag 4. Filter Paper Chemical analysis filter-Paper, oil filter-paper, Chemical fiber filter-paper, PH test paper. 5. Air slide Canvass/Air belt/Conveyer belt in Polyester,polyamide and Cotton 6. Non-woven cloth/Needle felt Polyester, Polyproplene needle felt, PTFE membrane, P84, PPS, Nomex, FMS, Acrylic Felt. 7.Filter cartridge Wire wound ,PP melt blown,Activated carbon,Stabdard ,PP yarn and Air Filter cartridge. Now many of our items used well in America, Europe, South-east Asia, Middle-East, ect. our industrial fabrics are mainly usede in the following industrial: - cement industry: Kiln retro-fits, process and nuisance dust collectors - asphalt industry: Asphalt and aggregate dryer baghouses - carbon black: Product collection - chemical industry - power plant dedusting - smelting industry _Paints & lacquer industry - Wastewater treatment - Pharmceutical industry - Food industry - Chemical industry - Beer, wine & spirit industry - Adhesive Welcome to our company and we will try our best to offer you the best itmes on the best price. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us: TeL:0086 574 88132208 88378808 Fax:0086 574 88378808 URL Email: [email protected] Headquarter: Office 517, 5F,City Forest Mansion 1-2,Yinzhou,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China PC: 315192

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