PV spun yarn
Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Spun Yarn
Product : Polyester Blended Yarn
Seller : NobleTex Group (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (China)
Member Since : January 16th, 2011
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Dyed
Feature : Eco Friendly
Type : Melange
End Use : Knitting
Product Description
Composition: 67% polyester, 33% viscose Yarn count: Ne 16/1-60/1
Company Profile
NobleTex a China based industrial group companies, whose main Industry Focus is in the Textile Industry. NobleTex manufactures a large number of fabrics (woven and circular knitted) and yarns (Ring Spun, Siro Spun, Compact, Open End and Vortex). For woven fabric, our daily production capacity is over 80,000 meters. For circular knitted fabric, our daily production capacity is over 12,000 kgs. For yarn, our daily production capacity is over 100,000kgs. General products information is below: Fabrics◆ Woven fabrics for home textile(quilt, pillow and mattress), furniture and garment from polyester, nylon, cotton, viscose, poly/cotton, poly/viscose and viscose/silk,etc. ◆ Circular knitted fabric for fashion applications from Viscose, Modal, Tencel, Bamboo, polyester, P/V, spandex and blends. ◆ Technical fabric coated, laminated and uncoated from polyester, nylon and PP for Marine, Protective clothing, Medical, Tent, Tarpaulin, Industrial and Luggage and Travel. 2. Yarns ◆ RING spun, OE, Vortex and CompactSiro yarn from 100% Viscose, 100% Modal, 100% Tencel, 100% bamboo and blended yarn like viscose/cotton, viscose/silk,etc from Ne 4 to Ne 80, single and double ply for knitting and weaving. For more information about us, please browse our website www.nobletex.cn. NobleTex now stands ready to undertake the new challenges facing global corporations in the border less 21st century as they seek ways to improve performance and continue building market share and corporate value. Regardless of the challenges, NobleTex maintains its original commitment to the credo of \'Professionalism\'. Our values support our vision: + Excellence in quality, service, documentation and price is an absolute.+ Customers are our reason for existing.+ A high performing, diverse group of employees will drive our success.+ Entrepreneurial mind set and operational excellence generate value creation.+ Integrity and openness at all levels form our foundation. We welcome you to contact us for business cooperation on Win-Win basis.
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