Product Category : Fabric
Sub Category : Woven Fabric
Product : Woven Fabric
Seller : Indicraft (India)
Member Since : November 12th, 2010
Country of Origin : India
Selling Type : Locally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Embroidered
Style : Jacquard
End Use : Garment (Apparel)
Yarn Count : 1/30
Density : na
Width : Others
Weight : 150
Product Description
Accessoiries in Vicose, Wool, Blends in various patterns and designs.
Company Profile
As the name suggests, Indicraft’s roots lies in the rich and the exotic craftsmanship of India. India is a land of diverse cultures and each one has its own exclusivity in arts, crafts and textiles. To name a few there is the Bandhani of Rajasthan, Phulkari of Punjab, Aari of Kashmir, Ikkat of Orissa, Chikenkari of Lucknow, Zardozi of Delhi and the list goes on. We at Indicraft aim to bring the exquisite work of the Indian artisan to the world market in a way that it addresses the 21st century aesthetics by incorporating their time honored techniques in forms of wonderful embroidery patterns, vibrant colorful prints, distinct weaves in natural fabrics to create completely global products. Our product is designed keeping in mind the 21st century consumer who is independent, liberal, and is confident about her choices. It may be an ethnic tops, a cashmere scarf or furnishings for her room we always have something special to meet her needs. History Founded by Kshitij Ghai, who being born in a family of weavers was quite naturally drawn to the exotic crafts and went on to study design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. The desire to get an international perspective of the design industry took him to London where he did his Masters in Fashion Business Management and worked for reputed brands like Bhs and East. In 2009 he founded Indicraft Enterprises as an established arm of M/S Jyoti Textile Mills which has over 40 years of textile expertise in the Indian market. The company now is focused on expanding in the international market through its sister concern Indicraft Enterprises. Company Vision The heart of the company lies in producing high quality products with the complete collaboration and support of craftsmen. As we continue to grow, we will continue to collaborate with craftsmen thus providing them with a vehicle for marketing the vast and diverse craft traditions of India. Our endeavor is to provide customers with hand crafted products which supports and encourages good craftsmanship, and promotes an organic lifestyle
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