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Spaghetti Yarn
Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Filament Yarn
Product : Polyester Filament Yarn
Seller : SK Group (India)
Member Since : September 25th, 2010
Country of Origin : India
Selling Type : Locally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Printed
Feature : Eco-Friendly
End Use : Garment (Apparel)
Product Description
Polyester Spaghetti Yarn (PSY) in: 6000 Dtex/5400 Denier 8000 Dtex/7200 Denier 10000 Dtex / 9000 Denier 12000 Dtex / 10800 Denier 16000 Dtex / 14400 Denier 18000 Dtex / 16200 Denier 22000 Dtex / 19800 Denier
Company Profile
SK Exports has established itself as one of the largest manufacturer and suppliers of Polyester Spaghetti yarn from India. Our yarns are currently being exported to major carpet manufacturing countries across the globe. Creativity is the key to S.K. Exports’ success. With continuous product innovation, the company is always one step ahead in anticipating the constantly changing needs of the market.
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