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Horse Blanket
Product Category : Fabric
Sub Category : Woven Fabric
Product : Polyester Fabric
Seller : CIL Textiles Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Member Since : February 23rd, 2010
Country of Origin : India
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Others
Style : Twill
End Use : Industrial (Technical)
Yarn Count : 2/12
Density : 12
Width : 43-44 inches
Weight : 235 gsm
Product Description
We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Horse Rugs, Blanket, Tail bag etc. for Australian and New Zealand market for Summer and Winter season. We came to know from your website that you deal with Saddlary products. Hence we would like to draw your kind attention towards our product range. CIL is manufacturer and exporter of Horse Rugs alongwith fabrics for various industrial and outdoor purposes. We have in house facilities for weaving, finishing and stitching with a well trained team. Summer Rug Sizes > Polyester Cotton Ripstop 4’0 100% Spun Polyester Square Check 4’3 > Polyester Web Binding and Trim 4’6 > Full Single Surcingle 4’9 > Half Surcingle with double front buckle 5’0 > Satin Lining in the Chest 5’3 > Tail Flap 5’6 5’9 Winter Rugs and Combo : 6’0 6’3 > 16 oz Cotton Ripstop 6’6 12 oz Polyester/Cotton Ripstop 6’9 > Water proofed, Breathable 7’0 > Lined with Wool > Satin Lining on the Shoulders and Neck > Three Straps with Plastic clips > Removable leg straps > Tail Flap > Single leather chest strap Rugs and combo for Pony (smaller size) also made as per order. We would like to have mutually beneficial relationship with your organization. We shall appreciate your positive response, with your specific requirements along with an indication of the qualities that you are looking for.
Company Profile
C I L Textiles Pvt. Ltd. has a distinguished background of developing, trading & manufacturing Industrial & Technical Textiles used for printing, industrial, institutional, furnishing and outdoor industries. Apart from good and consistent quality of fabrics, we also supply the made ups i.e. Bags, Awnings, Tarps, Welding Screens, Stretched Frames and Canvas Panels, horse rugs and Combos, nursing scrubs, Hospital Linens, etc. as per our customer's requirement. We have an advantage of own weaving & dyeing facilities along with the stitching unit.
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