Potassium Persulfate
Product Category : Dyes And Chemicals
Sub Category : Bleaching Chemicals
Product : Bleaching Powder
Seller : Hebei Jiheng Group Co., Ltd (China)
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Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Locally

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Product Information
Type : Basic
Purity : 99.0%
Product Description
Molecular formula:K2S2O8 Molecular weight:270.31 Characteristics: Potassium persulfate is a white, crystalline, odourless salt. It is used as initiator for the polymerisation of monomers and as a strong oxidizing agent in many application. It has the particular advantage of being almost non-hygroscopic, of having a particularly good storage stability as a result of its extremely high purity and of being easy and safe to handle. Assay: 99%MIN Active oxygen: 5.85% MIN Chloride and chlorate: 0.02% MAX Manganese: 0.0003% MAX Iron: 0.001% MAX Heavy metals: 0.002%MAX Moisture: 0.15% MAX Storage and Handling: PPS is not combustible but assists combustion of combustible materials due to release of oxygen. Provided it is stored under approriate condition. It must be stored dry in closed containers and protected from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Impurities such as dirt, rust or traces of metal and reductants may cause catalytic decomposition. The product as supplied or in solution needs to be handled with appropriate care. The eye, skin and clothes must be protected when working with PPS. PPS as damp powder or aqueous solution has a bleaching and slightly corroding effect. Application of PPS: PPS is a suitable initiaor for the emulsion or solution polymerisation of acrylic monomers, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride etc. and for the emulsion copolymerisation of styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene etc.. PPS is also a kind of oxidizing agent: (1) Used in cleaning and pickling of metal surfaces. (2) Used in accelerated curing of low formaldehyde adhesives. (3) Used in modification of starch, production of binders and coating materials. (4) Desizing agent and bleach activator. (5) An essential component of bleaching formulations for hair cosmetics. Package : (1)25Kg net weight paper bag with one PE line (2) 25Kg net weight PE bag (3) 25Kg net weight woven bag with two PE liner (4) 25Kg net weight paper bag with one PE line (5) 1000Kg net weight fiber drum with one PE liner (6) 25Kg net PE bag and 25Kg net cartons HS NO.28334000 UN NO.:1492 CLASS 5.1 CAS NO. 7727-21-1
Company Profile
HEBEI JIHENG GROUP CO.,LTD lies in Henghsui city, Hebei , China. It\'s the largest manufacturer of the persulphates in the north of China. Our primary products are the Ammonium persulphare, Potassium persulphate, Sodium persulphate. We have strong technology power ,advanced management system and perfect inspection system. Our products are in good quality with competitive price. We have got ISO 9001: 2000 and IQNet 2000. About 60 percent of our products is exported to about 30 countries and areas such as Southeast Asia, Europe, South America etc. We always hold the principle of “consolidation and harmony,innovation and development,strive and dedication,being truth and example” as Enterprise spirit and insist technology as premise,quality as life.We win the high praises of our customer domestic and abroad by our constant commercial reputation and devotion. If you are interested in the products mentioned above, contact us freely. Your kind attention would be much appreciated. Hope for your cooperation.
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