Dyed 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn
Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Filament Yarn
Product : Other Filament Yarn
Seller : Hmei Thread Co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since :
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Locally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Printed
Feature : Others
End Use : Garment (Apparel)
Product Description
Product Description Type(or Style) of Knitting yarn: -PA-500 NM 24/1 Made of Viscose 120D Dull and Nylon 70D(viscose-65%, nylon-35%) -WL-224 NM24/1 Made of Viscose 120D Dull and Nylon 70D(viscose-65%, nylon-35%) -BL-224 NM24/1 Made of Viscose 120D Dull and Nylon 70D(viscose-65%, nylon-35%) -D-026 Nm26/1 Made of Viscose 120D Bright and Tencel EN 40(viscose-62%, Tencel-38%) -PL-117 NM17/1 Made of Viscose 450D Bright and Nylon 70D(viscose-87%, nylon-13%) -PL-120 NM20/1 Made of Viscose 380D Bright and Nylon 70D(viscose-85%, nylon-15%) -PL-124 NM24/1 Made of Viscose 120D Dull and Nylon 70D(viscose-65%, nylon-35%) -N-537 NM 120D/2 Made of 100% viscose 120D dull -0402-06 NM28/1 Made of Viscose 120D Dull and Nylon 40D(viscose-75%, nylon-25%)-High Elastic -D-021 NM21/1 Made of Anti-bacteria Viscose 150D Bright and Natural Color Cotton EN 40 (V70%, N30%) For more information about our knitting yarn, pls do not hesitate to contact me.
Company Profile
SPARK THREAD CO., LTD. OF YIBIN SICHUAN is the largest manufacturer of viscose rayon embroidery thread and dyed viscose rayon filament yarn in the world. Its products sell quite well in Europe, America , Japan , Korea , Middle East , etc. Establishment May, 2000
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