Titanium Dioxide
Product Category : Dyes And Chemicals
Sub Category : Pigments
Product : Organic Pigments
Seller : Kaimila Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since :
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Type : Pigment
Purity : anatase
Product Description
Specifications Content of TiO2 ,no less than % 98 Color(compared with standard) No lower than Color disppearing rate(compared with standard), no less than % 100 Evaporation rate at 105℃(when tested), no more than % 0.5 When treated at 23 2℃ and when relative dampness is 505, %, after pre-treating for 24h and when evaporation rete at 105℃ is %, no more than 0.5 Water dissolved matter, %,no more than 0.5 Water floating liquid PH value 6.0-8.0 Oil absorption,g,no more than 26 45μm Screen matter,%,no more than 0.1 Electrical resistance rate when absorbed by water,Ωm,no less than 1.610
Company Profile
We are a joint venture specializing in the manufacture and export of inorganic/organic chemicals, pigments and dyestuffs in China, with advantages of owning our large scale capital-owned factories, we attribute our success to our enduring efforts to supply quality and cost-effective chemicals. Our process of manufacturing is controlled strictly by our quality control and inspection department, and we have many regularly customers in the worldwide market. There is a year-round availability of our products in its warehouse in Tianjin and Qingdao.
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