Acrylic Yarn
Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Spun Yarn
Product : Acrylic Blended Yarn
Seller : Anil Spinners (India)
Member Since : August 11th, 2012
Country of Origin : India
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Dyed
Feature : Eco Friendly
Type : Others
End Use : Knitting
Product Description
Acrylic Yarn in all counts
Company Profile
Leading manufacturers of Recycled woollen blankets Recycled woollen yarn Recycled acrylic blankets Recycled Acrylic yarn Synthetic yarn Military blankets Relief blankets Cotton yarn of the open end origin We offer a variety of woollen products in a wide range of colours, materials and other specifications. Established in 1984, we have carved a special niche for ourselves in the market for yarn and woollen products. With a major share of 40% of our manufactured products being exported to various countries, we have emerged to be an acclaimed exporter of high quality blankets and yarns. Using high quality woollen raw materials from the best areas, we supply unbeatable quality woollen products of finest texture and shades. We believe in effective team work and complete quality, with the objective of bringing greater customer satisfaction.
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