NZM Series Micro-General Purpose Drives
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Other Textile
Product : Conveying Systems
Seller : Nietz Electric Co.,Ltd (China)
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Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Locally

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Product Information
Brand Name : NIETZ
Model No : NZM Series
Product Description
NZM Series Micro-General Purpose Drives 1/3AC 220V15%;0.4~2.2 kW 3 AC 380V15%;0.75~3.7 kW The appearance of mini-compact models, compact design, easy operation, while fully functional, performance is good. With V / F control mode, the user can load set V / F curve,and can be manually or automatically enhance torque. Offers a variety of frequency settings, can achieve acceleration and deceleration time was set, multi-speed, automatic voltage regulator and other applications, built-in RS485 communication, counter, PID control, PLCcontrol and other control functions. Provide overload protection, overvoltage protection,undervoltage protection, thermal protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection,lock and other protection parameters. Technical Features Series NZM Model NZM Input Rated Voltage,Frequency 1/3 AC 220V ,50/60 Hz; 3 AC 380V ,50/60 Hz Voltage Range 1 /3 AC 170~240 V ; 3 AC 330~440 V Output Voltage Range 220V: 0~220V Frequency Range 0.10~400.00 Hz Control Method V/F control,Space vector control. Indication Operating status/Alam definition/interactive guidance;eg.frequency setting,the output frequency/current,DC bus voltage,the temperature and so on. Control performance Output Frequency Range 0.1~400.0 Hz Frequency Setting Resolution Digital input:0.01 Hz,analog input:0.1% of maximum output frequency Output Frequency Accuracy 0,10 Hz V/F Control Setting V/F curve to satisfy various load requirements Torque Control Auto increase:auto raise torque by loading condition; Manual increase:enable to set 0.0~20.0% of raising torque. Multifunctional input Terminal Six multi-function input terminals,realizing functions including fifteen section speed control,program running,four0section acceleration/deceleration speed switch,UP/DOWN function and emergency stop and other functions Multifunctional Output Terminal 2 multi-function output terminals for displaying of running,zerospeed,counter,external abnormity,program operation and other information and warnigs. Acceleration/deceleration Time Setting 0~999,9s acceleration/deceleration time can be set individually Other Funcitions PID Control Built-in PID control RS485 Standard RS485 communication function (MODBUS) Frequency Setting Analog input:0~10V,0~20 mA can be selected; Digital input: input using the setting dial of the operation panel or RS485 or UP/DOWN. Multi-speed Six multifunction input terminals,15 section speed can be set Automatic voltage regulation Automatic voltage regulation function can be selected Counter Built-in 2 group of counters Protection/Warning Function Overload: 150%,60 second(constant torque) Over Voltage: Over voltage protection can be set. Under voltage protection can be set Overheat,output shortcircuil,over current,and parameter lock and so on. Environment Ambient Temperature:-10℃~40℃(non-freezing) Ambient Humidity:max 90%(non-condensing) Altitude:Lower than 1000 м. Vibration:max 0,5G Stucture Protective Structure : IP20 Cooling Mode: Forced air cooling Installation Wall Mounted Dimension Drives Series NZM Model Output power (kW) Output current (А) Overload capacity (60s)(А) Applicable Motor (kW) A B C Ф D E F NZM 1/3 AC 220 V 50/60 Hz NZM0004T2B 0.4 2.5 3.75 0.4 141.5 85 130.5 5 113 74 NZM0007T2B 0.75 5 7.5 0.75 141.5 85 130.5 5 113 74 NZM0015T2B 1.5 7 10.5 1.5 141.5 85 130.5 5 113 74 NZM0022T2B 2.2 7 16.5 2.2 141.5 85 130.5 5 113 74 NZM 3 AC 380 V 50/60 Hz NZM0007T4B 0.75 2.7 4.05 0.75 151 100 139.6 5.2 111.7 88.6 NZM0015T4B 1.5 4 6 1.5 151 100 139.6 5.2 111.7 88.6 NZM0022T4B 2.2 5 7.5 2.2 151 100 139.6 5.2 111.7 88.6 NZM0037T4B 3.7 8.6 12.9 3.7 151 100 139.6 5.2 111.7 88.6 Dimension control Panel Series NZM Wiring Diagram Drives Series NZM Applicable Fields Drives Series NZM  Food Machinety-Feeder mixer,bag filling machines,pastry forming machine;  Woodworking Machinery-Polishing machine,grinding machine,carving machine;  Packaging Machinery-Liquid filling machine,pharmaceutical filling machine  Stone cutting machine,Blowing machine,Water-pump-housetop/a fan to fill and exhaut gas  Pump for water supply  Conveyor belt-Small conveyor belt,common conveyor belt,Feeding equipment.  Rubber and plastic industry-Sealing machine,various types of small machine
Company Profile
NIETZ ELECTRIC CO., LTD is a National High-tech company, specialized in R&D, manufacture and sales of industrial automation control products. The core products are the low-voltage inverter, medium-voltage inverter, servo system and son which mainly serve in three fields of equipment manufacturing energy saving, environmental protection and new energy products as well as widely apply in elevator, lifting, machine tools, fabricated metal products, wire & cable, plastics printing & packaging, textile & chemical fiber, building materials, metallurgy, coal, municipal, automotive and other industries. Due to the superior products performance, advanced technology and perfect design, our products have been exported to over 20 countries and regions such as Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa NIETZ always aims to be the professional driving solution provider and your mutual benefit partner.
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