waste plastic pyrolysis machine
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Seller : shangqiu huahong mechanical and electrical equipment co.,ltd (China)
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Brand Name : hauhong
Model No : HH26-60
Product Description
HuaHong company is earlier engaged in waste plastic refining equipment, waste rubber refining equipment, waste tyre oil refining equipment research and development, manufacture of professional production enterprise. For many years, the company has always adhered to the independent innovation, science and technology progress for development purposes, the production of plastic refining equipment, tire refining equipment, rubber refining equipment, waste oil refining equipment are popular all over the world, a number of products technology indexes reached the domestic and international advanced level, HuaHong mechanical and electrical equipment Co., LTD. Is making it\'s contribution to protect the earth, eliminate black pollution and white pollution . HuaHong refining equipment features : 1, HuaHong refining equipment, complete in specification, type of small investment, production and reuse,; 2, refining equipment operation platform, and it is the only country combined modular design in the world , installation simple and short cycle; 3, HuaHong refining equipment simple operation, the use of safe, suitable for use in all over the world; 4, HuaHong refining equipment eliminate the white and black pollution, protect the green earth; 5, HuaHong refining equipment process is advanced, for air, water, and the surface does not produce any pollution; 6, HuaHong refining equipment directly for the use of waste gas combustion re-blows again, save energy; 7, HuaHong refining equipment out of the oil refining of mixed fuel oil, and can be directly used for combustion boiler and need to use fuel oil machine, by distillation process can also produce with gasoline and diesel car; 8, HuaHong refinery byproduct of refining equipment for wire and carbon black, wire can directly second use; Carbon black can be used to processing chemical raw materials production refined carbon black, very high added value; 9, HuaHong refining equipment whether refining equipment improvement or improve the production process can completely according to customer requirements for processing customization; 10, HuaHong refining equipment circumspect after service, perfect, free to impart catalyst production technology customers, remove the customer extra worries. HuaHong refining equipment, energy saving, eliminate pollution, benefits the world. Technical parameter of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine :- 1 Equipment type : HH24-60, HH26-66, HH28-66 2 Raw material : tires/Plastic, tires/Plastic, tires/Plastic 3 Structural form : Horizontal rotation, Horizontal rotation, Horizontal rotation 4 24-hour Capacity : 6 ton, 8 ton, 10 ton 5 Oil yield : 2.7ton, 3.6 ton, 4.5 ton 6 Operating pressure : Normal, Normal, Normal 7 Marerial of Reactor : Q245R, Q245R, Q245R 8 Thickness of Reactor : 14mm, 16mm, 16mm 9 Rotate speed of Reactor : 0.4turn/minute, 0.4turn/minute, 0.4turn/minute 10 Total power : 12KW, 12KW, 23.5KW 11 Mode of cooling : Water cooling, Water cooling, Water cooling 12 Cooling area of condenser : 40sqm, 40sqm, 65sqm 13 Kind of transmission : Internal gear drive, Internal gear drive, Internal gear drive 14 Noise dB(A) : ≤85, ≤85, ≤85 15 Size of Reactor(DL) : 24006000, 26006600, 28006600 16 Working form : Intermittent operation, Intermittent operation, Intermittent operation 17 Weight : 27T, 35T, 45T
Company Profile
Shangqiu HuaHong mechanical and electrical equipment Co., LTD. Is established with the approval of the Chinese government department of a legitimate company, founded in 1987, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, fixed assets 87 million yuan, after 20 years of development, in 2010 officially changed its name to shangqiu HuaHong mechanical and electrical equipment Co., LTD. The company got France in production and management of BV authoritative attestation, the company\'s management system smoothly through the ISO9000 certification, the company has won more than 200 various domestic and international awards, and has many national patent in china .
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