INA Replacement Slewing Ring
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Laundry
Product : Laundry Machine
Seller : XD Slewing Ring Bearing Co., Ltd (China)
Member Since :
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Product Information
Brand Name : XD
Model No : any types
Product Description
We can supply following model: VA140188-V, VA250309, VAI160235-N, VAI160302VI140326-V, VI160288-N, VI160420-N VLA200414-N, VLA200544-N, VLA200644-N, VLA200744-N, VLA200844-N, VLA200944-N, VLA201094-N VLI200414-N, VLI200544-N, VLI200644-N, VLI200744-N, VLI200844-N, VLI200944-N, VLI201094-N VLU200414, VLU200544, VLU200644, VLU200744, VLU200844, VLU200944, VLU201094 VSA200414-N, VSA200544-N, VSA200644-N, VSA200744-N, VSA200844-N, VSA200944-N, VSA201094-N VSA250755-N, VSA250855-N, VSA250955-N, VSA251055-N VSI200414-N, VSI200544-N, VSI200644-N, VSI200744-N, VSI200844-N, VSI200944-N, VSI201094-N VSI250755-N, VSI250855-N, VSI250955-N, VSI251055-N VSU200414, VSU200544, VSU200644, VSU200744, VSU200844, VSU200944, VSU201094 VSU250755, VSU250855, VSU250955, VSU251055 VU130225, VU140179, VU140325, VU250380, VU200405, VU200260, VU200220, VU360980, VU300574, VU250433 XA200352-H, XA120235-NXI120288-N XSA140744-N, XSA140644-N, XSA140544-N, XSA140414-N, XSA141094-N, XSA140944-N, XSA140844-N XSI140644-N, XSI140544-N, XSI140414-N, XSI141094-N, XSI140944-N, XSI140844-N, XSI140744-N XSU080258, XSU080218, XSU080188, XSU080168, XSU080398, XSU080318 XSU140744, XSU140644, XSU140544, XSU140414, XSU141094, XSU140944, XSU140844 XU080120, XU060111, XU060094, XU050077, XU120179, XU080430, XU080264, XU080149, XU300515, XU160405, XU160260, XU120222 XV90, XV80, XV70, XV60, XV50, XV40, XV30, XV110, XV100 Any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us ! Thanks!
Company Profile
Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional factory for slewing ring . Our main products include: single-row ball-style slewing ring; three-row column-style slewing ring; double-row four-point slewing ring; dual slewing ring so on. They can be used for excavators, mobile cranes, tower cranes, rail cranes, machine tools, solar energy equipment and so on. Our main market include Europe, Middle East and Asia.
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