Also known as vertical roller mill grinding, medium-speed mill
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Also known as vertical roller mill grinding, medium grinding, since the invention has been half a century, with the materials science, development and design of hydraulic technology, the innovation process, so that the body\'s resistance to vertical grinding mill have been significantly improved and enhanced, more advanced and reliable hydraulic system. Roller roller and disc structure lining the continuous improvement of disc rotation speed corresponding to the grinding fineness of different products to further improve efficiency, so that the development and application of vertical mill to be further expanded.
In the modern cement industry\'s production system, including raw material grinding mill operations, cement grinding, grinding and preparation of coal slag. Cement grinding unit is generally believed that the power consumption of the consolidated materials, power consumption of 60% to 70%, therefore, improve efficiency, reduce power consumption has been grinding the cement industry grinding technology research priorities. LM Series Vertical roller mill (roller mill) is an energy efficient drying and grinding equipment, set crushing, drying, grinding, classifying, transportation as a whole, the use of limited vertical roller mill powder bed material grinding principle, with a grinding, high efficiency, low power consumption, drying capacity, easy to adjust the fineness of the product, the process is simple, small footprint, low noise, no dust pollution, low wear, easy maintenance and reliable operation .
Vertical mill gear from the main motor, coupling, reducer of three parts, mounted on the lower part of the mill, it is necessary to drive disc drive, but also bear the disc, material, weight and pressure roller device applied grind grinding pressure, the vertical mill is one of the most important parts.
In order to adapt to the user more goods of low quality coal grinding anthracite trend, HRM vertical coal mill increase to the main gear speed reduction ratio of measures to reduce the disc, while improving the roller and roller disc liner structure, the disc to form a stable material layer thereby increasing the grinding pressure roller, to improve grinding efficiency, reduce the possibility of vibration mill, producing a more stable and reliable.
Vertical roller mill is an important component of grinding, HRM vertical coal mill liner and the use of arc-shaped tire roller, roller symmetrical structure, to a certain extent can be worn upside down to use, extending its life. Roller bearing using the new mechanical seals, both to improve sealing reliability, but also because fans do not need to seal reduces the oxygen content of the mill, reducing the possibility of an explosion inside the mill.
General vertical mill roller bearings with grease lubrication, but because of the larger coal moisture, the ability to improve drying, grinding chamber gas temperature is as high as 100 degrees, could easily lead to improper operation roller bearing temperature is too high, causing grease Evaporation metamorphism affect bearing life. Thus, HRM has been adopted coal grinding roller mill vertical thin oil lubrication, cooling, greatly increasing the bearing life (generally more than 2.5 times increase).
Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery manufacturing vertical milling machine is widely used on the basis of advanced technology, combined with years of experience in a variety of mill production, design and development of advanced grinding equipment. Is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, milling grade transport industry in one of the ideal equipment. Can be widely used in cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries. For the massive, granular and powdery materials ground into powdered materials required.You can get more info:http://www.vipeakgrinder.com Stone Crusher Manufacturer:http://www.crushertrade.com/

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my company is an manufacturer,producing mining equipment
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