BW-200 Urine Analyzer
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Testing & Inspection
Product : Inspection Machine
Seller : Yantai Bioway Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since : June 1st, 2012
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Brand Name : Bioway
Model No : BW-200
Product Description
1.Principle of determination: principle of determination by ultra-high degree of cold light reflection. 2.Scope of application : 8 item/10 item/ 11 item/ 12 item/14 item 3.Product determination : GLU/BIL/KET/SG/PH/BLD/PRO/URO/NIT/LEU/VC/CRE/CAL/MAL 4.Test speed: 60 copies of test/hour continuous test of 120/h 5.Recording method: thermal printer/ extermal print/ LCD screen display 6.Recording paper: 57mm thermal /non thermal paper 7.Test wavelength: 525-660 nm 8.Language choice: Chinese English 9.Working environment: 15-35 celsius degree, RH less than 85 percentage 10.Power: 50VA 11.Net weight: less than 3kg 12.Data communication: RS232 connection, circumscribed Urine sedimentation analysis system and hospital management system 13.Date storage; Store 2000 pieces testing result,according the record number the user can query results 14.Reporting method: the user can choice half quantitative concentration +/- system,choice SI or traditional unit 15.Printing method: Input the high thermal printer 16.Fault diagnosis: Instrument diagnostic and Gray scale test 17.Leakage function: the urine analyzer bring automatic leakage function, avoid crossing infection 18.Size; 350mm*285mm*140mm 19.Liquid crystal display: 240*64 lattice,37 mm*130mm
Company Profile
Yantai Bioway Biotechnology Co., Ltd was eatablished in 1999,which specializes in the research & development,production, marketing, and service of clinical analysis equipment and reagents. Our main products include BW series Urine Analyzer, Urine Sedimentation Analysis System,Urine Dreg Analysis Reagent and URS (1-14) Items series Urine Reagent Strips. Our product supply to hospitals, health care institutions, clinical and science lab, seneral industry and public customers.
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