1.6m digital printer
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Printing & Finishing
Product : Printing Machine
Seller : Shanghai Special Digital Technology Co.,Ltd (China)
Member Since : June 11th, 2012
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Product Information
Brand Name : special
Model No : special-1650
Product Description
Model Special-1650 Printing Method Piezo Ink-jet Method (DX5 Print Head) Printing Width 210-1600mm Acceptable Media Width 210-1600mm Conditions for Usable Media Type Roll or Sheet, width is not less than A4 or 210mm Max Thickness 1.5mm Roll Weight 25kg Ink Cartridge Type Water-based, or eco-solvent Ink Capacity 800ml Color Double 4-color(C M Y K)or 8-color(C M Y K +LC LM OR GR) Capacity Continuous Ink Supply Cartridge Color Gamut Performance 1670 Million Color Printing Resolution 1440 dpi ×1440 dpi/ 720 dpi×1440 dpi / 720 dpi ×1080 dpi / 540 dpi×720dpi / 540 dpi ×1080 dpi / 720 dpi ×720 dpi / 540 dpi×720 dpi Media Control Automatic Feeding System and Sheet Cutter Media Sensors Two sides: front and back Height of Printing Heads Two types optional :1.5mm/2.5mm Printing Heads Cleaning Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning Interface USB2.0 Power Consumption During Operation 1.7A/ 100V to 240V±10%,50/ 60 Hz Sleep Mode 0.5A/ 100V to 240V±10%,50/ 60 Hz Power-saving Function Automatic Sleep Feature Packing Dimensions(with stand) 2870mm(W)x620mm(D)x730mm(H) Power consumption Under 1500VA Environmental Temperature: 10 to 30°C Humidity: 40 to 70%RH (non-condensing)
Company Profile
In the times of fierce price war,Shanghai Special Technology Co,.Ltd always concentrates on quality .On the R&D ,manufacturing and after-sale service, we continuously increase the investment ,innovate on the technology and improve the quality standard as to establish the image of Special machine with stable and high-quality printing. We pursue leading performance on quality and speed .With more than 10years manufacture in piezo inkjet printer ,we know well of customer’s need ,we only make reliable machines for every each customer. Our goal is to make every Special customer have double or triple investment return from our products compared to the average level of the industry standard. We do not care about what we gain or lose ,but care more about the win-win situation for the whole industrial chain as well as the status and reputation of made-in-China printers in the international market.
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