Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Weaving
Product : Air Jet Weaving Looms
Seller : Madni Industries (Pakistan)
Member Since : April 18th, 2012
Country of Origin : Pakistan
Selling Type : Locally

Product Preview
Product Information
Brand Name : DORNIER
Model No : LWV8/J
Product Description
Brand Name: Dornier Airjet Model: 1997 Specifications: Dornier Airjet 1997 model upgraded with Jakob Muller in 2000 Vaupel Cutting System Staubli JC-5 CX880 Jacquard with JC-4 controller 1344 Hooks Taffeta Staubli Harness ROJ IRO with one extra beam width 220cm, 80in. 900 RPM Machine is in perfect running condition specially for labels Demand: 52000/- euros (Negotiable) Please reply us at [email protected] and we will send you recent photos of these machines.
Company Profile
About us: Madni Textile Industries began as a humble home-enterprise in early 90’s. Today it stands as an entrepreneurial success that produces specialized multi-colored custom machine embroidery. Pakistan based Madni Textile Industries team consists of 45 dedicated employees. We have been fortunate to have retained many of our original employees. As our company has grown, independence, financial stability and personal empowerment of each of our dedicated member have also increased. Our highly creative designing department and professionally skilled punching and digitizing team maintains a range of uniquely designed patterns with exclusive cuts and embroidery, highlighting the fresh and vibrant embellishment on the outfits. As a manufacturer and fair-trade company, Madni Textile Industries prides itself on the sustained challenges and competition of designs which are unique in nature and fits all generations era. Our Commitment: We believe that every client deserves the best quality service. We provide exceptional services and the knowledge and experience it takes to create superior embroidery. It is important to us that our clients receive consistently outstanding service, and digitizing that is flawlessly produced each time. At Madni Industries, quality is never compromised. The first priority of Madni Industries sales and customer service department is to ensure that our clients will be treated in a courteous and professional manner. Our friendly and highly skilled representatives are available to answer any questions with regard to clients’ individual custom embroidering and custom embroidery digitizing needs. Our Experience: Our professional and experienced staff has the skills to use our technology effectively and create flawless designs and embroidery for our customers. Our designers know what techniques and materials should be used for each order because they can identify all the variables that have to be taken into account and plan accordingly. Our designing and punching department consists of 20 highly skilled personnel who annually produce over ten thousand flawless designs that are ready to be embroidered. By creating a digital file that will yield a perfect image, the entire embroidery process becomes quicker, more efficient, and creates higher quality embroidery. Less thread breakage, less wasted materials, better details, and better quality. That is what characterizes our nature of business. Client Relationship: At Madni Industries, we work with our customers through each step in the process to ensure that customers get the best design and embroidery possible. We are confident in our organization, in our staff, in our technology, and in our methods. With outstanding service, knowledge, experience, and by creating a digital file that will yield a flawless design, we know we\'ll meet our customers\' high expectations. Along with a reasonable price, delivery at expected time, customers will not have any reasons to go anywhere else for designs, custom embroidery digitizing, and custom embroidery needs. Our friendly customer service representatives are available to answer any questions regarding clients’ orders, its progress, and its delivery. We can have a quote for you within 2 hours. Quality work, delivered when you need it, at a reasonable price.
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