High Modulus UHMWPE fiber
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Product : Olefin Fiber
Seller : Jiangsu Zhongyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd. (China)
Member Since : June 20th, 2010
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

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Lower Density: its density is 0.97g/cm3,it can floating in the water,so it has a lot of advantages in ropes of ocean engineering applications Strength and Modulus are high : is the highest in the world today,Its strength is 15 times the strength of high-quality steel wire ,10 times ordinary chemical fiber just lower than the modulus of super carbon fiber. Chemical Corrosion Resistant: Methylene of macromolecular structure only has C-C, C-H two kinds of chemical bonds,it has not other active groups ,so it has resistance to corrosion.The production of this fiber not reduce the strength in acid, alkali and water pollution. Low Temperature Resistance: The melting point and glass transition temperature of polyethylene is lower,so it can used in extreme low temperature environment. Climate Resistance: This fiber has good weatherability and resistance to UV performance. It by 1500 hours the sun, the fiber strength retention rate remains as high as 80% after by 1500 hours in the sun. Impact Resistance: UHMWPE fiber is flexible chain polymer molecules,so it has good impact resistance, Its energy absorption properties than Kevlar. Good bending resistant performance and wear-resistant: UHMWPE fiber surface is smooth, with a lower coefficient of friction. It has very good bending ,so it is very easy to processing. Low Conductivity: UHMWPE fibers has lower dielectric constant and loss tangent,so it is often used in high-frequency radio waves. The main applications of UHMWPE fiber About Defence: UHMWPE fiber especially suitable to be bullet-proof jackets, helmets and bullet-proof armor and other. It has been replaced Kevlar in the field of bullet-proof, It also has been widely used in the production of flexible bullet-proof vests and bullet-proof steel plate material. Special light weight of UHMWPE fibers, in the same bullet-proof performance on the basis of the weight of the bullet-proof vests so that about 40%. In regard to bullet-proof helmets, bullet-proof effect of the same quality of UHMWPE fiber helmet Kevlar helmet weighs only 2 / 3. Lightweight equipment for the armed forces of great significance Aeronautics and Astronautics: In China ,this fiber is used in recovery system of \"Shenzhou\" spacecraft application of the fiber.In U.S.A,this fiber is also used in Navy helicopter. Rope and cable Beginning,this fiber commonly is used in rope, cable, sail and fishing gear and other projects, it solved the problem that other fibers is regular replaced by new .This saves a lot of money
Company Profile
Jiangsu Zhongyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd. is located in Genggeng Industrial Estate Yangzhou city Jiangsu province, our city is nominated as National famous historical and culture city. Our enterprise was established in 2000, we have the honor of being National 863 Planning research unit and drafter of National Standard (High Strength High Modulus Polyethylene Filament) We possess a strong and experienced technical team. Cooperated with science research institutes and colleges over several years, we realize the industrialization of the production of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fibers (UHMWPE fibers) We are the 1st company in China to successfully developing Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene/Carbon Nano Tube (UHMWPE/CNTs) composited fiber and Unidirectional (UD) fabric. After adding the carbon nano tubes could significantly improve creep and heat resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. Our excellent fiber and UD plate have been characterized as Domestic Initiative, International Leader by former minister of National Ministry of Textile Dr Ji Guobiao (member of Chinese Academy of Engineering). We succeed in building up a first-class production flow for UHMWPE fibers, Its application covers bullet-proof fabrics, marine ropes, nets, protection gloves and other related fields. We own 3 independent intellectual property rights, 3 invention patents and 5 utility patents. We establish strict production management and test system with rigorous and scientific attitude and passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification to meet the varying demands of the market. We always insist on the purpose of Exploration and Innovation, Refined and Realistic, we uphold concept of High technology, High standard, High quality. Sincerely welcome distinguished leaders and experts to our company for inspection, negotiation and cooperation!
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