Raw Semi dull Spun Sewing threads
Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Spun Yarn
Product : Sewing Thread -Polyester
Seller : Enri International Enterprise Limited (China)
Member Since : September 20th, 2016
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Raw
Feature : Abrasion Resistant
Type : Others
End Use : Sewing
Product Description
Spun polyester yarns are cut from PET fibers or made with staple, which are short in length and measured in inches. These fibers are then spun alone to create yarn. Our Polyester sewing threads are for general sewing use. Virgin for dye, washer/dryer safe, & can be ironed on a medium temperature setting. We can provide both Ring spun and TFO quality yarns.We have large production capacity,therefore,big order is possible for us. Key features & specifications: 1. Very high suppleness and High tenacity 100% polyester thread, high tenacity polyester thread. 2. low extensibility and shrinkage 2%~3% even in boiling water. 3.Hard to fade once was dyed 4. Application: High tenacity 100% polyester yarn is an exceptional yarn of its type with dependable sewing performance in high-speed and critical sewing operations, and it can be used for footwear, handbag, leather goods and kinds of clothes. 5: Color: Raw White Counts available to be supplied: 20s/3,20s/2,30s/2,30s/3,40s/2,40s/3,42s/2,42s/3,50s/2,50s/3,60s/2,60s/3,80s/2,80s/3 6.Package: 1.667kg NW for paper cone/1.0kg NW for plastic cone. Package can be allowed according to customerís requirement.
Company Profile
Enri International Enterprise Limited is a multi-national manufacturer specialised in supplying Ring Spun yarn,TFO twsited yarn,spun 100% polyester sewing thread and baby products such as standard baby stroller,jogging stroller,lightweight stroller,umbrella stroller,pushchair,baby walker,buggy,perambulator,cradle swing and baby car seat etc. Enri mainly locates its factories in Hubei province(in the middle of China).We enjoy the preferential tax policy and take full advantage of a mass of labour power there to develop labour-intensive industries like producing Spun yarn,baby stroller,umbrella stroller,buggy,cradle swing,baby walker,baby car seat,pushchair and so on.Hanchuan city is also a traditional and well-known industrial manufacturing base for sewing thread and baby strollers. Besides,our factories are well-equipped and has over 1500 employees working for us.Thus,Our unparalleled advantages enable us to provide high quality and most cost-effective goods. Our products range cover all types of 100% polyester spun yarn from 20S/2 to 80S/3,raw white sewing yarn with paper cone or plastic cone for dye,TFO twisted yarn and baby products such as standard baby stroller,jogging stroller,lightweight stroller,umbrella stroller,baby car seat,walker,buggy,cradle swing,high chair,child\'s bicyle as well as tricycle.For all of our products,buyer labels or OEM service are available and welcomed. So far,we have expanded our products to over 39 countries such as India,Japan,and Russia and established branch in Vietnam.Under the keen international market competition,we still can maintain the lowest cost advantage to meet our customersís demand. We take customerís recognition as our original incentive and sincerely look forward to a bright future with our customers.
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