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Cage Welding Machine Line
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Other Textile
Product : Marking Machine
Seller : ZGTEK Co., Ltd. (China)
Member Since : February 12th, 2012
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Brand Name : ZGTEK
Model No : Cage Welding Machine Line
Product Description
Cage welding machine line Filter cage welding machine Non-stop cage welding Easy line setup 54 cage pitch settings Cage Welding Machine Line Line setup is as shown below: No Item Model No Remarks 1 Wire straightening machine TZ2.8-5 2 Ring making machine DQ1000K 3 Butt welder UR-40 UR-40 is recommended to weld MS, GI wire rings, ARW Argon Arc welder/TIG welder is recommended to welder SS rings 2-3 Ring making and butt welding integrated machine R-6-400 High throughput and easier operation 4.1 24-wire cage welding machine DLN-24-5 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 24 wires; OD: 100-200mm 4.2 16-wire cage welding machine DLN-16-5 8, 10, 12, 16 wires; OD 100-160mm 5 Top cap welder DS-50/DS-80 DS-80 is recommended when the power source voltage is relatively low and/or when welding zinc-plated wires 6 Bottom cap welder DX-50/DX-80 DX-80 is recommended when the power source voltage is relatively low and/or when welding zinc-plated wires Note: The six types of machines in the above table are the basic configuration of a cage welding line Choose either 4.1 or 4.2 depends on the application Choose 2 and 3 or 2-3 depends on the capacity requirement In case of setting up three or more lines, top cap welder, bottom cap welder, wire straightening machine and ring making machine can be share
Company Profile
Zhe Gong CNC Welding Machine(ZGTEK) Co., Ltd. provides top-notch technologies in the filter cage welding area. From a stand alone machine to a whole automated production line, our machines are with world class standards in flexibility, quality and cost-efficiency, based on our expertise in designing and manufacturing cage welding equipment. After years of hard work in constant quality improvement, today our machines are proven to feature high stability and reliability. Our company has become a trustworthy supplier with the most complete product portfolio in filter cage welding industry in China. Now we are testing the cage body making machine, which with ring auto by robot feeding .(Put rings automatically.) We will sell it soon. We also under studying of snap ring making machine now. Now we are testing next generation of cage welding machines which features automatic ring feeding, the machine will be ready for sale soon. Our main products are: Cage welding machine, Auto welding machines for round cages, quincunx cages as well as oval cages Top and bottom cap welders Butt welders Horizontal Venturi tube welders Auto ring making machines Auto wire straightening machines All types of special fixtures So far, our cages produced with ZGTEK welders have been wildly used in environment protection and dust collection industries by customers from home and abroad, bringing values to them. Thanks to the excellent performances of our machines, we are often referred to as a \"cage welding expert\" by customers.
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