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Product : Sliver cansand springs
Seller : XingBang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., LTD (China)
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Country of Origin : China
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Laterite-Nickel ore kiln-cnxb0613 The technics of production nickel by rotary kiln: 1,The main energy for smelting of coal,instead of expensive energy of coke or electricity; 2,Freedom of choice of raw materials,use a variety of laterite in southeast Asia; 3,The production of high quality and high nickel-nickel-iron(containing Ni20 % or so) can be directly used as the raw materials stainless steel.; 4,At the same time as the cooling agent when melting steel Introduction to the Laterite: The name laterite is used to describe the weathering product of ferruginous rock exposed to strongly oxidizing and leaching conditions, usually in tropical and subtropical regionsNickel is a slightly yellow-white metal is a kind of magnetic of transition metals.The application of nickel is the corrosion resistance,Adding nickel alloy can enhance alloy corrosion resistance.the most widely used application of nickel is the fields of stainless steel and alloy production fields.About two-third of nickel used in stainless steel production,so the stainless steel industries to nickel consumption in the influence of the first l a.Nickel in the main functions of stainless steel is that it changes the steel crystal structure. Smelting process methods: 1,Direction reduction method of the rotary kiln 2,Blast furnace process 3,The blast furnace process 4,Electric carbothermic process 5,Electro silicothermic process Process Description of Rotary Kiln production of nickel-iron: Large-scale rotary kiln is the key equipment in firing reduction smelting process.Ore after drying put into rotary kiln,,when heated to 800 ℃,After the removal of mineral water and surface water of crystallization,and partially reduced ore iron,nickel and cobalt oxide,into the furnace. The development of nickel Smelting: Used in our country by clay court holds nickel ore smelting nickel cast iron, stainless steel production materials constitute an important change, change the global stainless steel production materials supply and demand of nickel pattern, also changed the world stainless steel industry development pattern. The use of low-quality low-cost laterite nickel ore and minerals resources,in line with resource-saving trend of historical development,has opened a new charter in the history of China\'s stainless steel production. Currently,the low-grand blast furnace capacity is already saturated the market size and speed up the development of more than 10%grade of the roatry kiln process,can further expand the fire nickel ore market capacity. XingBang heavy industry to adapt the new way to smelting quality nickel ore has obtained high quality market and user recognition. Welcome all the customer to come to visit, investigate! Ball Mill Rotary Kiln Jaw Crusher Stone Crusher Contact person: Luz Liu Tel: 0086-371-67996871 0086-371-67996872 E-mail: [email protected] MSN: [email protected] WEB: http://www.china-xingbang.com/
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Xingbang Heavy Machinery is a world-famous manufacturer of mining equipment as well as the largest in China and ranks seventh globally. The predecessor of Xingbang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1953, is a large-scaled state-owned enterprise directly subordinate to National Machinery Ministry. The annual sales of Xingbang Heavy Machinery in 2010 has been over one hundred million. At present, the enterprise has moe than a thousand staff, among whom 90% are master degree or above. The company\'s main business is manufacture of mining equipment in the theme of project. Up to now, the company has entered comprehensively into the fields of construction and mining equipment manufacturing. The main products are crushing series, ball milling series, equipments of cement production line, grinding equipments, series wear-resistant parts, brick making machines, aerated concrete equipments and other series products. Therein crushing machinery, beneficiation and grinding equipments and sand making equipments are domestically famous brand; mobile crushing station replaces import comprehensively, with domestic market share reaching 57%. Cost volume ranks NO.1 in the world for years. Globally Xingbang Heavy Machinery has 24 oversea subsidiary corporations; its businesses have covered more than 150 countries; its products have been exported to more than 110 countries. Up to now, Xingbang heavy Machinery has invested in India, America, Germany and Brazil in the building of Research&Manufacturing Base for construction and mining equipment. All products have passed European Union CE authentication and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and for many years its sales volume ranks NO.1 in the world. Xingbang Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd upholds the enterprise emission of \" Quality Support the World\", and spends 5%-9% sales revenue in Research&Development. We are committed to upgrading our products to world first-class standard.-cnxb0613
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