sulphur black br 200%
Product Category : Dyes And Chemicals
Sub Category : Dyes
Product : Sulphur Dyes
Seller : zhengdingshengguochemical Factory (China)
Member Since : January 11th, 2012
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Type : Sulphur
Purity : 97%
Product Description
Sulphur Black BR 200% 1.Sulphur Black BR 200% 2.color fastness:good 3.Appearance: shining Black Flakes . 4.fast dyeing 5.used on cotton paper and viscose we are manufactoure of sulphur black dyes Sulphur Black/Sulphur Black Br/Sulphur Black Br 200% 1.Appearance: Flashing Black Flakes Or Granules Colour Index No.: C.I.Sulphur Black 1(53185) Standard of identity: HG/T3427-2001 Appearance Flashing Black Flakes or Granules Strength (with the standard ) 100% Shade Approximate to the Standard Moisture, % ≤ 6.0 Insoluble matter in Sodium Sulfide, % ≤ 0.4 Usage: Sulfur dyes are the most commonly used dyes manufactured for cotton in terms of volume. They are cheap, generally have good wash-fastness and are easy to apply. The dyes are absorbed by cotton from a bath containing sodium sulfide or sodium hydrosulfite and are made insoluble within the fiber by oxidation. During this process these dyes form complex larger molecules which is the basis of their good wash-fastness. Storage and transportation:It must be store in drying and ventilation preventing from sunlight directly,moisture or hot.Must be care with it and prevent from damaging the packing. Packing: 25kg woven bag or kraft paper bag lined with polythene
Company Profile
Zhengding Shengguo Chemical Factory is one of the leading dyes factory in china. Our factory specializes in the development, manufacture, marketing and after-sales service of Sulphur Black. 40% of our product exported to south America, Pakistan , Europe etc. The capability of sulphur black is 20000tons per year. The product inclued sulphur black 150%,sulphur black BR 180%,sulphur black BR 200%,sulphur black BR 220%. Zhengding Shengguo Chemical Factory has an excellent design team and a highly efficient management team. We have strict internal management systems and highly talented technicians who have rich working experience in Sulphur Black. In addition, we have set up several departments, including R&D, Production, Sales and Service. We always insist on the spirit of \"Good faith\". Thus, our corporation has won trust and compliments from customers. We are looking forward to good cooperation with partners at home and abroad and to creating a glorious future. We sincerely welcome you to visit and cooperate with us for a prosperous business future
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