koyo 6121115 ysx eccentric bearing
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Accessories For Textile
Product : Needles
Seller : Tianjin TengQi International Trade Co., Ltd. (China)
Member Since : January 11th, 2012
Country of Origin : Japan
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Brand Name : koyo
Model No : 6121115 ysx
Product Description
model number 612 0608 YRX 4110608 YEX 22UZ411 7187T2X-EX 25UZ857187 612 1115 YSX 19UZS208T2 22UZ830611 PX1 25UZ857187T2 612 1317 YSX 22UZ21111 22UZ8311 25UZ857187T2S 612 21 YRX 22UZ21111T2 PX1 22UZ8317 25UZ429 612 2529 YSX 22UZ2111115T2 PX1 22UZ831729 25UZ459 612 35 YRX 22UZ2111317T2 PX1 22UZ8329 35UZ860608T2 612 43 YSX 22UZ21121T2 PX1 22UZ8335 35UZ8611 612 5159 YSX 22UZ2112529T2 PX1 22UZ8343 35UZ8611-15 612 7187 YSX 22UZ21135T2 PX1 22UZ8359 35UZ8611-15T2S 614 06-11 YSX 22UZ21143T2 PX1 22UZ8387 35UZ8617 614 13-17 YSX 22UZ2115159T2 PX1 25UZ8587 35UZ8617-25 614 2125 YSX 22UZ2117187T2 PX1 25UZ487 35UZ8617-25T2S 614 2935 YSX 22UZ21106T2 PX1 25UZ8506-11 35UZ862935T2 614 43-59 YSX 22UZ311 25UZ8506-11T2 35UZ862935T2S 614 7187 YSX 22UZ317 25UZ8506-11T2S 35UZ862935 616 0608 YRX2 22UZ329 25UZ8513-17 35UZ864351T2S 616 11-15 YRX2 22UZ335 25UZ8513-17T2 35UZ8659 616 17-25 YRX2 22UZ343 25UZ8513-17T2S 35UZ8659T2 616 2935 YSX 22UZ359 25UZ852125/417T2S 35UZ8659T2S 616 4351 YSX 22UZ387 25UZ852935 35UZ8671
Company Profile
Tianjin TengQi International trade Co., Ltd ---- is a new forces of international trading company registered in international high-tech zone in Tianjin. It is a professional company in bearing in fine mechanical parts leading import and export trade . The company enjoys the right to operate import and export of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and various preferential policies, with strong economic strength. Our main business include Sweden SKF Bearing , GermayFAG bearings, Japan NSK Bearings , Germany INA bearings,United State TIMKEN bearings, Japan THK bearings, Japan NTN bearings, NACHI bearing, Japan KOYO bearings, Japan IKO bearings, Korea SAMICK bearings; domestic HRB bearings , ZWZ bearings, LYC bearings, TWB bearings. Our company now also offer bearing seals, grease and other services. The company\'s current bearing sales has covered a variety of industries: metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, aviation, steel, and mining. Machinery manufacturing, printing, electronics, textiles, chemicals, automotive and other fields.
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