Laser Bridge Embroidery Machine
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Sub Category : Sewing, Embroidery & Garment
Product : Multi Head Embroidery Machine
Seller : Wuhan Golden Laser CO.,LTD (China)
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Country of Origin : China
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Product Information
Brand Name : Golden Laser
Model No : QJD-800-4-150
Product Description
Embroidery machine STANDARD: A. One phase laser bridge for 9.6 meter, 24embroidery heads, 6 needles, 300mm head distance, X=600mm, Y=850mm; B. Two phases laser bridge for 20 meters, 0.8m working table between two sets machines; C. The embroidery machine can be flat embroidery machine, sequin device, cording device, coiling device, etc. Cooperation Mode: A. Laser bridge supplying as whole system, provides embroidery machine and laser bridge system entirely; B. Laser bridge installation on the existing embroidery machine in customerís factory. C. Laser bridge installation in domestic Chinese embroidery factory. Neptune Series: QJD-800-4-150 Laser Bridge with Computerized Embroidery Machine Application: Suitable for kiss-cutting, embroidery, applique, edge-cutting and hollowing, etc for various fabrics. garment piece embroidery, fabric, home textile embroidery and cutting, sari, saree multiply embroidery, embroidered labels, plush toys, knitwear, home textile, leather goods, fabric decoration, etc. Main Features: (1) To install laser systems on embroidery machines. Computerized embroidery, high speed galvanometer engraving and laser cutting combined perfectly, precise cutting result. It creates the leading precedent for engraving on embroidery products, enriches the embroidery technique, increases products level and added value, makes the embroidery products with outstanding individuality, high quality and aesthetics. (2) It is very suitable for embroidery, edge cutting, hollowing, and applique cutting, engraving and kiss-cutting for various fabric materials; inject the new energy for technology innovation in embroidery industry. (3) This model is unlimited for the number of embroidery heads, sharing one set laser system. The slim beam spot of laser (reach 0.1mm) and servo motor, ensure the laser moving along with the bridge with high speed, high acceleration, accurate position and working efficiency. (4) Advanced lens and dynamic focusing system ensure the laser beam with high speed and precise cutting, within large-size area, compared with traditional belt guide and laser heads derived with X, Y axis motor, this laser cutting quality is better. (5) It adopts GoldenLaser control software, strong pertinence, convenient operation, high safety. Also optional equipped laser cutting table and rolls-to-rolls feeding device, these all advanced collocation, not only provide new solutions for clients, but also initiate epoch in embroidery and laser industry. Brief Introduction: Combines computer embroidery,high-speed laser cutting and engraving. No limitation on embroidery heads,sharing one set of laser bridge system. Three mode to chose: QJD 800-1-150 for one set of embroidery machine (single-beam structure,9m beam length,length of embroidery machine up to 8m); QJG 800-2-150 for two sets of embroidery machines (single-beam structure,18m beam length,can equip with two 8mm embroidery machine) ; QJG 800-4-150 for four sets of embroidery machines (two beam structure,18m beam length,can equip with four 8m embroidery machine). Suits for bulk production with embroidery applique,various designs and Sarees. Main Technical Parameters: Laser power 150W Power control accuracy 0.1W One field cutting area 450mm x 450mm Non-loading Cutting Speed 0-300000mm/min Bridge maximum moving speed 500mm/s Format support AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc. Power supply AC220V, 50HZ Laser power adjustment 0-100% following control of laser adjustment Motion control system Offline EMS memory continuous movement, 3-axis dynamic galvanometer system Cooling system Water cooling Control mode Separated computer embroidery and laser cutting system, freely switch-control Bridge length 9m~36m available Auxiliary system Exhaust system Control software Original Golden Laser embroidery and laser cutting system software
Company Profile
Wuhan Golden Laser CO.,LTD is a famouse Listed Laser Machine Enterprise in Wuhan city,Hubei province,China(Mainland).As a top provider of medium and small power laser solution,we put integrity as the first place and we are working hard to persuit high technology laser machines for customers.There are more than 20 offices and service centers in domestic and overseas markets,spreading over more than 60 countries and districts around the world. our annual output is more than 8000 sets. 1-Laser cutting machine: mainly for textiles and garments exactly cut off the fabric or embroidery or label or trade mark or some other patterns.also could cut for sewing the high quality fashion of special fabric such as silk or other special fabrics.it also could cut small pieces of wood,acrylic and so on 2-Laser engraving (also cutting) machine: applied advertisement,arts and crafts,engraving on the surface (only plane engraving ) of wood,arylic marble and jeans etc.non-metal materials for any complex or characterstic and personality patterns.also could marking on the non-metal materials. 3-Laser marking machine (YAG,CO2,Diode and Fibre laser machine): marking on the metal materials or non-metal materials,such as marking the series number,patent number,or charater patterns on industrial products,like the number on the motor parts,charater pattern or number on shell of mobile and so on.
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