Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Testing & Inspection
Product : Testing Machine
Seller : C.M.Flowmeters Pvt. Ltd. (India)
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Country of Origin : India
Selling Type : Globally

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Brand Name : C.M.Flowmeters
Model No : ABC
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The Rotameter is an important precision instrument. It measures the rate of flow of liquids and gases, in industrial, scientific and medical applications. For last three decades, Chemicals and Meters has been the leading manufacturer of Rotameters in India, making customized meters for industries across the country, including public sector corporations, multinational companies and private sector units. The company pioneered import substitution of this vital instrument through indigenous technology development. Virtually every occasion of anaesthesia-aided surgery in India is supported by CM Rotameters. All manufacturers of India of this vital life-saving equipment, including ISO-certified multinational companies as well as small-scale units, obtain the requisite instrument from us. R&D and ensuring ‘zero defect\' quality has always been an essential part of manufacturing operations. Our Rotameters are renowned their accuracy. Our brand, CM, is a measure of trust.
Company Profile
CM Flowmeters (India) Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of Rotameters (Variable Area Flowmeters) for industrial, scientific and medical applications. The Rotameter is a vital precision instrument used to measure and control fluid flow rates. In the medical field, CM is a leading international manufacturer of Rotameters for anaesthesia applications. The company was established as Chemicals & Meters in 1967 by Raju Venkateswar (1929-94), a US-trained chemical engineer. The company operates out of its office-cum-factory premises in the Kasba Industrial Estate in Calcutta. The brand CM stands for excellence, quality and reliability.
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