Taper Spindle Aluminum Alloy Bobbins
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Spinning Preparatory
Product : Spinning Machine
Seller : Shangyu Weiye Textile Fittings Factory (China)
Member Since : November 29th, 2011
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Brand Name : weiye
Model No : pls refer to details
Product Description
Aluminum bobbin for taper spindle covering machine--------------------------------------No. ------------------------Name------------------------------Description T001-----------120 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ76xΦ36xL120xL136 T002-----------120 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ84xΦ36xL120xL136 T003-----------120 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ90xΦ36xL120xL136 T004-----------135 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ76xΦ36xL135xL146 T005-----------135 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ84xΦ36xL135xL146 T006-----------135 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ90xΦ36xL135xL146 T007-----------150 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ76xΦ36xL150xL161 T008-----------150 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ84xΦ36xL150xL161 T009-----------150 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ90xΦ36xL150xL161 T010-----------150 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ105xΦ45xL150xL161 T011-----------180 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ105xΦ40xL180xL191 T012-----------102 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ76xΦ36xL102xL112 T013-----------90 aluminum bobbin---------------Φ68xΦ36xL90xL100 T014-----------100 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ62xΦ32xL100xL110 T015-----------100 aluminum bobbin-------------Φ60xΦ25xL100xL110
Company Profile
Shangyu weiye textile fittings factory is one of the leading textile bobbins manufacturer in China. Factory covers an area of 4200 square meters. As a modern factory, we specialize in producing bobbins for covering machine, twisting machine and winder machine etc. Our patent bobbin is successfully developed too. Factory has the rights to export and has own cooperated logistics company in ningbo. With advanced production lines and comprehensive quality managing system, the annual output is more than one million pcs. Good price, quality and service is always what we pursue. Welcome to inquiry. Contact me: victorchen2007@126.com (sales manager)
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