dust remover in the rotary dryer series is composed b">
Bag Dust Remover (Bag Filter)
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Product : Conveying Systems
Seller : Henan Kefan miming machinery Co.,Ltd. (China)
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Brand Name : Kefan
Model No : 2000*2000
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Bag-type dust remover in the rotary dryer series is composed by ash hopper, exhaust duct, filter room, clean room, the filter bag and framework(bag), manual into cage bone wind valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, pulse soot cleaning institutions,etc. Bag filter working principle: Bag-type dust remover is based on filtering principles filter brand-newly type dust removal equipment, using organic fiber or inorganic fibers of the dust filter cloth will gas filtered out. Dust removal process: by the dongshen gas into the intake from central box ,inside the bag dust entering in, be blocked filter bag outside surface. Purify air into the bag, again by upper case on the bag ,finally by entering exhaust. Advantages of Bag filter: (1) Discharge of dust concentration is low; general under 50mg/N.M.3, can even less than 20mg/N.M.3. for the coal ash ground and high, electricity precipitator to achieve such a low concentration is very difficult, or to increase more investment(namely a conventional 3 electric field to expand to 4 to 6 electric field). (2)Exhaust from dust concentration than resistance, density and particle size effect. Boiler load changes, the quantity fluctuation on the bag dust extractions export emitting concentration has little impact. (3)General bag dust extractions uses separate room structure and leaves headroom in the design. Precipitator can be rotated overhaul ,without affecting rotation overhaul boiler operation.Therefore, the influence of boiler equipment availability to almost zero. (4) Because Bag filter extractions capture more effective, it fine dust to remove the fly ash contained rare metal particles ash. But to P.M.10 readings - which were taken, PM2.5 subtle, reduce dust can effectively remove to those around health harm. (5)The structure and maintance of bag filter is simple. (6)As the key problem of bag filter- material, now also has breakthrough ,using life than 2 years, actually can reach 4-6 years of achievements. (7)In dry or half rotary dryer desulphurization system, further reduce the role of SO2. Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional mining machinery manufacturer.Our Company provide jaw crusher, brick making machine ,mining machinery,Briquetting Machine, cone crusher,vibrating screen,conveyor,Stone Crusher,hammer crusher,roller crusher,circular vibrating screen,grinding mill,Ball Mill,cement equipment,belt conveyer,vibrating feeder,rotary dryer,Crusher,cutting machine,dry machine,cone crusher,magnetic separator,casting machine, etc.
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Henan KeFan Mining Machinery Co.,LTD is a modern new & high-tech enterprise established with a level research .It is located at National Economical &Technical Department Zone of Zhengzhou ,the capital Henan Provice .The company has an area of 35000 square meters , fixed asstes of 36 million Yuan ,with engineering and technical personnel covering 20% of the total employees .The company has passed ISO9001:2000Qquality system authentication .It is a state-level quality management standard reaching enterprise ,member of Commerce ,and gained independent machinery import and export right. Over the years ,KeFan has brought together a large number of number of enterprising ,management and researching elite on behalf of the leading level .The company attaches great importance to international cooperation and technical exchange ,introduced advanced technology from developed countries .Based in the localization of foreign advanced technology ,KeFan has been keeping in rational exploration and innovation ,developing new products to meet the needs of both domestic and international customers .Mineral processing equipment and dan-gravel production line manufactured by KeFan popular with users in over 20 provinces ,municipalities and autonomous regions .In addition ,they have been exported to Southeast Asia and Africa .Our products have been awarded 3.15 products with stable quality and satisfactoty after-sales service ‘by Henan Provincial Quality Supervising Information Center .Quality products and excellent service are the promise of Ke Fan people .we welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our company and carry out cooperation !
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