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Product : Cotton Yarn 100%
Seller : Sanghi Spinnrs India Limited (India)
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Country of Origin : India
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Dear Sir/Madam, We are spinning 100% cotton yarn , 100%Polyester yarn.Our running counts is given below. COTTON : 1) NE30/1 KH 3) NE 34/1 KW 4) NE 40/1 Semi combed POLYESTER : 1) NE 15/1 PSF 2) NE 30/1 PSF 3) NE 30/2 PSF If you have any requirment in this counts please contact us.I am waiting for your valuable replay. Best Regards Uday kiran, Sanghi Spinners India Limited, Hyderabad, AP. (M): 9014813668. Email id : [email protected]
Company Profile
Dear Sir, We would like to introduce ourselves as Sanghi Spinners India Limited, one of the finest and most sophisticated spinning units in India. Established in the year 1997, we have been exporting world class yarn (as per USTER norms) to various countries across the globe. With totally automated state-of-art plant and machinery, it is a jewel in the Sanghi conglomerate crown. The Group has its own industrial township, and is one of the largest spinning mills in India, situated around 30 kms from the city of Hyderabad. SPANNING THE GLOBE Sanghi spinner has spun its magic around the globe. We have created a demand for our high quality yarns in Europe, Asia, South America and North American continents of the world. We are presently exporting to countries like Germany, Czechoslovakia, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Israel, China, Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Canada. In India, our clientele includes many reputed export houses and organizations. TECHNICAL SUPERIORITY Sanghi spinners boasts of international standard spinning technology, assembled under one roof. The state-of-art machinery is sourced from countries like Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France and USA. TOTAL AUTOMATION Total automation and mechanization, a prerequisite to ensure good quality and contamination free yarn, is our trade mark. Towards achieving this, the mill is equipped with automated cotton ginning plant with roller gins for ginning indigenous cotton. Automatic waste evacuation system promotes dust free and clean environment. All ring frames are equipped with individual over head clearing system. To ensure uninterrupted production, the mill has installed generators to take care of power supply. ONLINE MONITORING For strict quality control, Sanghi Spinners has fully computerized and automated machinery with online monitoring system. To maintain standard atmospheric conditions the plant is equipped with centralized air conditioning system with automatic control. This keeps humidity and temperature constant to facilitate consistent yarn quality. Also the centralized automatic evacuation system clears the last speck of dust to ensure a clear and contamination free plant premises. All ring frames are equipped with individual over head clearing system. QUALITY ASSURANCE Sanghi’s hi-tech machines produce top quality yarn of international standard, packaged and produced in cone form. Each cone carries pre-determined standard lengths as per customer requirement. The cones are weighed; quality of yarn and winding is checked under normal and ultra violet light before delivery. Testing labs constantly monitor the products from raw material stage, mid process to finished product. Raw materials are tested for length, Strength, uniformity, neps content, color reflectance, content, moisture etc. At mid process, yarn is tested for removal of trash and neps, improvement in evenness, strength and count. The lab also monitors standards of hank, count, yarn imperfections and classimat faults and fine tunes it with reference to customer specifications. MAN POWER To compliment the high end technology, Sanghi Spinners employs technicians and workers with sufficient experience and exposure in operating advanced spinning systems. Every effort is made to train the non-technical staff about the technicalities of production process for better optimization of manpower resources. In addition, workers are trained on model machines and are monitored for their skills and efficiency. CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE Sanghi Spinners claim to fame and international acceptance stems from a string of quality certifications bestowed on it by various international organizations. Setting a record of sorts, Sanghi Spinners is the first mill to receive ISO 14001 Certification by DNV. It has been found to conform to the “Environment management system standard”: ISO14001-(Certificate no. RIN 400-AE-1033) concerning all activities related to spinning and supply of cotton, polyester cotton and polyester viscose blends yarns from the October,2000. MACHINE FLOW CHART AUTOMATIC BALE PLUCKER - TRUTZSCHLER BLOW ROOM - TRUTZSCHLER CHUTE FEED CARDING - TRUTZSCHLER HILAP WITH AUTOMATIC GRAIN ADJUSTER - CHERRY HARA COMBING - CHERRY HARA DRAWING WITH USTER SLIVER CONTROL - CHERRY HARA ROVING WITH AUTOMATIC TENSION CONTROL - ZINSER SPINNING WITH AUTO DOFFING - ZINSER AUTO WINDING - MURATA DOUBLING, WITH LENGTH MEASUREMENT UNIT - VOLKMANN TWISTING ON TFO - VOLKMANN STEAMING - XORELLA AUTOMATIC PACKING CARTON/PALLET - SANGRATO PRESENT RUNNING COUNTS : COTTON YARN NE-30/1 CARDED WEAVING NE-32/1 CARDED WEAVING NE-34/1 CARDED WEAVING POLYESTER SPUN YARN NE 20/1, NE-30/1 (TFO) POLYESTER SPUN YARN SEWING THREAD (REVERSE TWIST) 2/40s Black & Grey DYED YARN 30/1 PSF DYED BLACK POLYESTER VISCOSE NE 20/1 P.V (90:10) GINNING UNIT Sanghi spinners have the largest, most modern and fully automatic ginning unit in India with 240 DR machines, under one roof. 1. Total No of DR 240 nos jumboo, Jadhav & Bajaj 2. Pressing Unit 5 nos 3. Daily production capacity 2400 full press bales. 4. with pre-cleaner & super cleaner on line 5. Highly Qualified, technical staff for production & maintenance. 6. Highly qualified & experienced seed cotton buyers. 7. Ginning plant is near our Spinning unit (1 Lakh Spindle) with sophisticated testing instruments to check each truck of raw cotton before procurement. 8. Facility to give bale to bale HVI (Chargeable) 9. Good storage facility up to 200,000 bales on rent basis. 10. Highly alert fire fighting personnel with highly sophisticated equipments & water storage facility (700,000 liters). 11. Facilities for Direct Export dispatches from our plant. 12. Our Ginning plant is located at Sanghi Nagar, which is just 30 min drive from Hyderabad Airport. Our ginning plant is located at Sanghi Nagar which is in the range of 100-150KM from Warangal, Khammam and irrigated cotton growing belt under Nagarjunasagar catchments area. The cotton grown there is Bt, Bunny, Sri Tulasi etc which is medium long staple 17/32 to 15/16 (30mm to 32mm) Mic:3.5-4.5, Avg : 4+,Grade : Middling (31-2) Trash : <1.5, Moisture level: 8 If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us. With Best Regards, Uday kiran Sanghi Spinners India Ltd. Bank Street, (KOTI). Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. (M) +91 -9014813668 Tel: 91-40-2475 6660 Fax: 91-40-2475 6755 Email:[email protected]
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