45 degree Automatic Flammability Tester SL-F06
Product Category : Machinery
Sub Category : Testing & Inspection
Product : Testing Machine
Seller : Skyline Instruments (China)
Member Since : June 18th, 2014
Country of Origin : China
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Brand Name : Skyline Instruments
Model No : SL-F06
Product Description
45 degree Automatic Flammability Tester The specimen rack provides support for the holders in which the specimens are mounted. Its angle of inclination is 450. The rack can be moved sideways to enable fabrics of different thickness to be set at the specified distance from the tip of the jet with the help of an adjusting screw. A built-in finger is provided to gauge this distance for setting it to the desired value. The Specimen holder consists of two matched stainless steel U shaped plates between which the test specimen can be held. The specimen holder sits over the specimen rack in a precisely determined position 450 inclination and is so positioned that the igniting flame strikes the specimen centrally and 6 mm above the bottom edge perpendicular to the face of the test specimen. Five such specimens holders are provided with the equipment. The ignition arrangement comprises of a jet mounted on a extension of the shaft of a syncroset motor such that it can be rotated into a position perpendicular to the surface of the fabric. The distance between the tip of the jet and the surface of the burner can be adjusted to 8 mm. When the tip of the jet is moved away from the specimen, the jet becomes vertical. The flame is produced at the tip of the jet by LPG Gas. The length of the flame is set to 16 mm when the jet is vertical with the help of a control valve and is measured with the help of built in gauge rod. The motion to the burner tip is given with the help of the syncroset motor. The movement of the jet for starting ignition is given with the help of a push button. The ignition time can be set from 1 to 99 seconds with the help of a preset timer. The jet is automatically brought back to its initial position at the end of a pre-settable time interval. The ignition time is automatically recorded on an electronic digital time interval meter which starts as soon as the flame impinges on the test specimen and stops when a thread placed above the test specimen is burnt. Five threads with two hooks each and one weight to hold the thread in position is provided with the equipment. The draught-proof enclosure is made from stainless steel sheet and houses the various components of the tester. It is provided with 12 holts, each 13 mm in diameter, near the top of its rear wall. A clear acrylic door is provided in the front which can be opened to enable the test specimen holder to be placed on the rack. The equipment is finished in bright chrome to give it a corrosion resistant finish. A bursting device for preparing test specimens from raised fabric samples is available as an optional accessory. The brushing device consists of a carriage on which the specimen with specimen holder can be mounted. The carriages can be moved manually on tracks made on the base plate of the device slowly, such that a brush mounted in brush holder which in turn is hinged on a bracket fitted on the base plate, brushes the sample under a pressure of 150 g. The brush is 40 mm long comprising of two rows of stiff nylon bristles. The LPG Gas Cylinder needed for conducting the test is to be provided by the purchaser. RELATED STADARDS : ASTM D 1230 - 1985 : Standard Test Method for Flammability of Apparel Textiles. BS 2963 - 1958 : Tests for the Flammability of Fabrics Method -B- and the 45o Flame Test. IS 11871 - 1986 : Methods for Determination of Flammability and Flame resistance of Textile Fabrics Method – B- the 45 o Flame Test.
Company Profile
Skyline Instrument (HK) Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of laboratory and sample dyeing testing equipment as well as quality control testing instruments. We have provided value added support services like lab layout, calibration testing procedures / standards, recording techniques and operations of equipment, etc. With a network of representatives providing sales and technical support world-wide Skyline Instruments has achieved good repute in the fields of textile testing equipments, toy testing equipments, furniture testing and other measurement test equipments. Skyline has been the worlds No 1 testing equipment supplier. As a global leader in testing equipments skyline’s mission is “ To provide innovative, clean and effective testing solutions for better tomorrow”.
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