Product Category : Fabric
Sub Category : Woven Fabric
Product : Polyester Fabric
Seller : Michel thierry Group (France)
Member Since : May 14th, 2010
Country of Origin : France
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Others
Style : Plain
End Use : Others
Yarn Count : 44
Density : 44
Width : Others
Weight : 44
Product Description
very nice
Company Profile
Originally a French company, today the Michel Thierry Group is an internationally owned corporation that is a world leader in the field of automotive fabrics, leathers and covers. Established in 16 countries on 3 continents, the group generates revenues of more than € 250 million and counts 11 of the 13 largest car manufacturers in the world among our customers. Michel Thierry Group is one of the few truly international players in the market. The areas of specialization which are the basis of our strength are: - design skills and technological expertise recognized worldwide - a complete product portfolio: warp and weft, velvets, knits, tricots, plaits, leathers, covers etc. - integrated control of all the processes in the field: weaving, finishing, calendering, laminates, embossing, trimming, sewing etc. The arrival of HTP (familiar investment fund) and FMEA (fund for the modernisation of automotive suppliers) as majority shareholders in 2009 enabled the Michel Thierry Group to acquire the financial strength which is necessary to continue the ambitious development strategy and to increase the profitability for the years to come. This strategy, centred on the expectations of our customers, revolves around 4 core strategies: > being the market leader in terms of product quality and service > maintaining our lead in the field of fabric design and technology in order to continue developing more attractive and ground-breaking products for the final consumer > achieving growth rates superior to those of the overall market Combined with a permanent quest in terms of research and progress, this strategy should enable the Michel Thierry Group to reach an annual turnover of €350 million by 2012 and be present alongside all the major automobile manufacturers worldwide as a benchmark supplier, in spite of the difficult market situation. Our corporate ambition and our present and future successes can only be achieved through the individual and collective commitment of each of our employees. This is why the company seeks to promote cultural and educational diversity, autonomy and delegation of responsibility, multiple skills acquisition and flexibility. On the ground, this means: - an organizational structure that tries to be both decentralized (to foster proximity and reactivity) and matrix-like (to facilitate coordination and the sharing of information and knowledge). - a policy of recruitment in all the company’s specialist fields and in all countries where the group is present relating to the trading volume and the enlargement of business areas. The head office, the main R&D centre and original production site of the Michel Thierry Group are located in the town of Laroque d’Olmes in the Ariège region in south-west France, the country of the company\'s founder. The Group, which has been operating in Spain and Brazil for more than 10 years, took the decision to work closely alongside customers around the world by establishing production facilities in countries with a significant emerging automobile industries. In that context, the company has also just set up within the last three years branches in Romania, Mexico, Japan as well as The Czech Republic and Slovakia after having taken over the Czech company Fezko. The Michel Thierry Group has just started business in Turkey as well as India. The year 2010 shall be affected by significant investments in Morocco. The story of the Michel Thierry Group starts with the name of the company\'s founder Michel Thierry. It was on graduating from Paris business school HEC in 1955 that Michel Thierry, originally from Agen in south-west France, decided to accompany his wife in moving to the Ariège region. Starting out in business, he subcontracted the production and marketing of carded wool textiles to local suppliers. The immediate success of this venture led him to take over certain manufacturing phases and invest in his own production sites and machines.
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