Microfiber Polyester Peach skin Fabric
Product Category : Fabric
Sub Category : Woven Fabric
Product : Micro Fiber Fabric
Seller : yeahome textile CO.LTD. (China)
Member Since : September 22nd, 2011
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Brushed
Style : Plain
End Use : Home Textile
Yarn Count : 75D/150D
Density : 300T/400T/230T/210T/
Width : 59-60 inches
Weight : 100G/SQM-150G/SQM
Product Description
Warp: 75D/100D Microfibre polyester Weft: 100D/150D/200D/300D Microfibre polyester Weight: 100G/SQM to 150G/SQM Width: 58\"/ 63\" Plain type(Poplin), Twill Type, Satin, Stripe, Dobby, Jacquard Type Finish: Azo-free Plain Dyed, Print, Peached, antistatic, W/R(waterproof) , W/P(water repellent), crinkle, PA, PU, milky or clear coating, gold / silver / color coating, Moisture Permeability Coating, PVC, embossing, embroidery. Article  Description Specification Density(Yarn/inch) Width Weight Processing No. Warp Weft Warp Weft (Inch) (G/M2) MP240W MICROFIBRE PEACH SKIN TWILL  75D 150D DTY/144F 150 90 58\" 120  Grey, P/D, Print, Peach, W/R, W/P MP245TN MICROFIBRE PEACH SKIN SATIN 245T 75D 150D DTY/288F 150 98 58\" 150  Grey, P/D, Print, Peach, Teflon Finish MP7520W MICROFIBRE PEACH SKIN TWILL  75D 200D 150 80 140  Grey, P/D, Print, Peach, Teflon Finish TP125i   POLYESTER DOBBY PEACH SKIN STRIPE(WARP) (50D + 75D) 150D DTY 58\"  Grey, P/D, Print, Peach,  Wash, Creased
Company Profile
Wujiang YeahomeTextile Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter, manufacturer and exporter of innovative and functional fabrics for jacket upper & lining. Polyester woven, nylon woven, polyester & nylon woven are major fabric series which we are focusing on. Our shell materials have features of good stability, good strength of tear, versatility, abrasion-proof and fresh washing style. So they are first choice for jacket-making industry. Our advanced water-jet weaving machine is imported from Japan and washing machine is imported from Korea. Since 2003, we have developed rapidly. We have become an adapted and seasoned player in the jacket fabric market. We are always studying and making progresses together with our famous garment customers, such as C&A Brand from Germany, Buddelei Brand from Spain. All of our fabric is finished and dyed according to Oeko-tex Standard 100. So every meter fabric from us will ensure you perfect quality!
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