DTY 150D/288F, 65D/192F
Product Category : Yarn
Sub Category : Filament Yarn
Product : Polyester DTY
Seller : Jiangsu Shenghong Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. (China)
Member Since : August 22nd, 2011
Country of Origin : China
Selling Type : Globally

Product Preview
Product Information
Pattern : Raw
Feature : Eco Friendly
End Use : Knitting
Product Description
DTY SD RW 150D/48F NIM, 150D/144F SIM, 75D/36F HIM, 75D/72F MIM, 75D/72F/2 SIM, 50D/72F SIM featured: 20D/96F, 30D/24F, 65D/192F, 85D/72F, 150D/288F, 300D/576F(s+z), etc. SPECIFICATION LIST polyester textured yarn DTY semi dull raw white 20D/24F 20D/72F 20D/96F 30D/12F 30D/24F 30D/36F 30D/48F 30D/96F 40D/72F 40D/96F 40D/144F 50D/48F 50D/72F 50D/96F 50D/144F 65D/192F 75D/36F 75D/72F 75D/96F 75D/144F 75D/192F 75D/288F 85D/72F 100D/36F 100D/96F 100D/144F 100D/192F 100D/72F(s+z) 100D/96F(s+z) 100D/144F(s+z) 100D/288F(s+z) 120D/192F 150D/48F 150D/96F 150D/144F 150D/288F 150D/384F 150D/144F(s+z) 150D/288F(s+z) 200D/288F 200D/384F 200D/288F(s+z) 300D/192F 300D/96F(s+z) 300D/288F(s+z) 300D/576F(s+z) 400D/576F(s+z) 600D/1152F (s+z) 75D/48F 75D/72F 100D/72F 150D/144F DTY cross section, quick dry 75D/144F DTY Flat Yarn 150D/96F DTY Hollow Yarn 300D/96F DTY Octagon Section (eight-square) 110D/156F ITY 150D/48F, 75D/36F DTY one heater STRETCH YARN, WOOLY YARN 150D/48F, 75D/36F DTY Dye Tube, plastic perforated tube DTY Full Dull 30D/36F 50D/72F 50D/96F 75D/72F 75D/72F/2 100D/144F 150D/144F DTY FD Flat Section 75D/36F DTY FD Cross Section 150D/144F 225D/144F
Company Profile
Jiangsu Shenghong Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd. is a leading Polyester Yarn manufacturer in China, with an annual production capacity of 700, 000 tons (keeps growing) to satisfy your increasing demand. More than 300 sets of German Barmag and Japanese TMT texturing machines to fulfill your large orders, with best quality and fast delivery. We offer DTY, FDY, POY: SD, FD Full Dull, polyester filament yarn, 20D - 600D, 12F - 1152F; DTY dye tube; ITY (FDY+POY); synthetic yarn, micro fiber, poly, PES, PFY, PTY, PDTY, Draw Textured Yarn, 30D/24F, 65D/192F, 85D/72F, 150D/288F, 300D/576F, etc.
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