Cellulase Enzyme for Textile SUKACell N1000
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Sub Category : Textile chemicals & Agents
Product : Bio-polishing Agents
Seller : sukahan(weifang)bio-technology co.,ltd (China)
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Country of Origin : China
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Type : Others
Purity : 95%
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SUKACell-N1000 Netural Cellulase INTRODUCTION Cellulose is an unbranched glucose polymer composed of anhydro-D-glucose units linked by 1, 4-b-D-glucoside bonds. These glycosidic bonds can be hydrolysed by cellulolytic enzymes. The native structure of the cellulose is composed of crystalline and less organized amorphous regions. SUKACell-N1000 is an enzyme preparation obtained from the submerged fermentation of a high cellulase-producing microbial strain. It is widely used in textile and garment stone wash industries. PROPERTIES SUKACell-N1000 will function from a pH of 5.5 to 7.0, better perform at 6.0 to 6.5. It will function from 50C to 60C Appearance: Tan powder (Note that color does not affect or reflect activity.) Odor: Slight fermentation odor pH (1% soln)3.5-5.5 SPECIFICATION SUKACell-N1000 (activity is 1000 U/g) High activity product is available upon request of our customers. ENZYME ACTIVITY UNIT DEFINITION Reducing sugar method At a pH of 6. 0 and temperature of 50 C, to produce the amount of reducing sugar equivalent to 1 mg glucose, it needs l g solid enzyme (or 1mL liquid enzyme) and 1 h hydrolyze sodium carboxymethyl cellulose substrate, as 1 enzyme activity unit, state as u/g (or u/mL). CMCA DNS for short. EXECUTION STANDARD This product follows the industry standard of PRC as QB 2583 2003 USAGE SUKACell-N1000 - is a kind of netural solid cellulase, used for biofinishing, significantly soften 100% cotton fabrics, both woven and knits. SUKACell-N1000 provide soft touch except used for jean leaven dye processing. SUKACell-N1000 - can obviously improve clothing surface magnitude. OPERATION & DOSAGE Stonewashing 1. Desize thoroughly. 2. Drain liquor then fill machine to liquor ratio of 1:10. (jean/ water) 3. Add pumice 0-0.5 kg, heat bath to 40C-60C and optimum temperature is 55C. 4. Add SUKACell N1000 at the rate of 0.25-1.0% owg. 5. Adjust pH to 5.5-7.5 with pH 6.0-6.5 as an optimum. 6. Process for 30-45 minutes depending on desired effect. 7. Add water and soften after drainage. PACKAGING:25KG/DRUM ,different packing is available accoridng to requirment
Company Profile
Sukahan (Weifang) Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of various kinds industrial & commercial enzyme preparations and related product lines. Over the years, the company has steadily expanded its products and is now catering to diverse industries including pulp and paper industry, textile industry, agricultural and aquaculture industry, animal feeds, commercial and household sectors and many more. On the 18th of February, 2004, Sukahan (Weifang) Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., an Australian owned enterprise located in Weifang High & New Technology Industry Development Zone, Shandong Province became a reality. With total investment of US$ 2,200,000 and a registered capital of US$ 1,580,000, The company is located within 10 minutes drive to and from the Ji-Qing Expressway and a convenient 40-minute drive from Weifang Airport. The lot where the company is spans an area of about 20,000 m and on it are two international standard work rooms, an R&D laboratory equipped with first-class research facilities, manufacturing installations and warehouses.
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