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Product : Braiding Machine
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Brand Name : BRAIDING
Model No : MTP / BR - 48
Product Description
Rope range Pitch Size Bobbin Size Strand Bobbin Capcity Cariar Type Braid Length 16 mm to 48 mm (220 MTR or more) 900 mm Traverse 650 mm X DIA 360 mm 29 kgs Vertical Bobbin 30 mm to 175 mm Horn RPM Diamenssion Weight of Machine Motor Power 24 max L-5.5 mtr x W-3 mtr x H-4 mtr (Horn asse with Take up) 17,000 Kgs ( Approx.) 10 HP + 2 HP (Horn asse + Take up) PRODUCTION CAPACITY ( On 100% Efficiency ) Rope DIA/MM Braid Length/ MM Kgs MTR Prod/Hours Kgs (100%E) Horn RPM (Max) Length in MTR 16 51 0.116 4.45 24 2000 20 64 0.181 8.30 24 1281 24 76 0.261 14.30 24 888 28 89 0.355 22.75 24 653 32 102 0.464 28.40 20 500 36 114 0.587 40.00 20 395 40 127 0.725 55.25 20 320 44 140 0.877 73.70 20 264 48 152 1.044 95.20 20 222 KEY FEATURES Running Parameters Appear On Display Predetermind Length Setting Braid Length Adjustment By Electronic Control Auto Stop At Empty Bobbin Control Stepless Veriable Synchronized Speed Control Safety Fancing Helical Gear Boxes Machine Construction Horn Gear and Horn falnges are in Steel Matirials Single Stage Foundation Base Heavy Duty Niddle And Thurst Bearings Are In Horn Assembly Verticle Bobbin Mounting Provision Hardchrome Plated Guide Pulles Braiding Strander Machine Dia. Range Twist range Twist per revolution Machine RPM Main motor power 4 TO 16MM 15 TO 80 TPM ONE 600 RPM MAX. 10 HP With AC Drive Traverse motor Take up size Take up capacity Twist direction Diamession Weight 2 hp with ac drive 360 mm dia. X 660 mm traverse 150 mm id. 29kgs. S or Z L-14\' x W-6\'4\' x H-6\' 3000 kgs (approx) KEY FEATURES Auto stop at predetermined length Fully faced guard TPM change by timming belt pulley Stepless veriable speed control Distribution plate for yarn distribution Door Sensors AVM Pads Heavy duty pulling capstan Braiding Coiling Machine Model Rope Size Head Speed Coil Size Max Motor Dimension { H x L x W) Weight MTP / BRCL - 20 16 mm to 48 mm As per rope feeding 230 kgs. 850 mm traverse x 1000 mm diameter x 150 mm ID 5.0 HP with AC Drive 10\'6\" x 5\'0\" x 5\'0\" 700 kgs. approx. KEY FEATURES Layer To Layer Rope Winding Frequently Start Stop For Power Saving Online Connected Heavy Duty Structure Collepsible Head NOTE We reserve the right to change details /specifications / equipment without any prior notice.
Company Profile
Dear Sir / Mam, We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Mahesh Twisto Tech Pvt. Ltd. one of the most innovative company established in 1985 for heavy rope-making machine & Braiding Machine. MTP produce high quality machines with strong designs and reliable equipments for making different types of ropes. Mahesh Twisto Tech Pvt. Ltd. is the most preferred brand across the globe for High speed Rope Making Machines & Braiding Machine catering to the widest range of Industries and Applications. We being manufacturer and exporter of all kind of rope making machines and plants we herewith attach letter of our introduction for your kind knowledge. Please feel free to contact us for any further queries or assistance. We value your feedback and inquiry for our products. Thanking you Vishal Maniar (International Business Development) For, Mahesh Twisto Tech Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat (INDIA) Mobile : 0091 - 9429354479 / Phone : +91 - 278 - 2448857, 2449413 Fax : +91 - 278 - 2445851 E-mail : [email protected] Web : http://www.maheshengineers.com Pls Note: If this mail is not in concerned to your department, we sorry for sending it to you. But we request you to please forward it to the relevant authority or department.
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